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April 21, 2007

A Well Done Telekinesis Video

Posted in: psionics

I came across a telekinesis video on youtube, showing a very well done psiwheel video. It isn’t exactly proof, as videos can always be edited or he could be doing some clever trick, but I can’t think of how he’d trick us other than video editing. The video does however, have some glitches in it, which are debated in the comments. One of the most visible skeptics is Keith Mayes. He is a fairly well known outspoken skeptic of telekinesis, and that’s putting it nicely. (Psipog had a natural dislike of him, of course. I can’t say his attitude helped though) He’s the one claiming the video is fake. I think this one could be authentic, but I agree with him on the point that nothing can be proved by a video on the internet, or even by a video. I don’t think that those glitches in the film are as damning as he claims them to be, but they are rather strange. They are one of the few things that mar the video.

Here is the original video that Keith objects to.
Here is his response explaining why he thinks it is fake.

The controversy continues.


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