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May 06, 2007

Why You Need To Learn Lucid Dreaming Part I

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In this article, I am going to attempt to show you why you need to learn lucid dreaming. That’s right, not why you should, but why you need to.

In todays world, life is hectic. The clock is something very few people are on speaking terms with, let alone like. We are bombarded with a deluge of daily information, and it is impossible to keep up at this point.

“Wait a minute there Hatter, if the world is such an overflow of information, how does everybody else keep up with it? How does Ted always seem know how his favorite sports team is doing?”

The sad answer is that you have to pick and choose what you know about in this day and age. Unless he dedicates most if not all of his free time to keeping track of things, Ted is probably going to be out of the loop. Ignorant of his what his government has done lately, ignorant of the latest astrological anomalies, and ignorant of the medical miracles that happen on a near weekly basis. (These are just examples, I’m sure you can think of much more pertinent things you’d like to know more about.) Hopefully now you’re agreeing with me that there’s a lot of stuff out there you would probably like to keep up with, or at the very least should keep up with. Dreaming is one of the few ways left of keeping yourself sane, and keeping up with the world. You’re probably thinking:

“How does dreaming accomplish this?”

Glad you asked.

A very direct method of information control through dreaming would be improving your memory. You say, oh, they make pills for that now. I say those pills cost money and don’t work very well, and have weird side effects. Pill jokes aside, your memory is already near perfect. It is scientifically accepted that the brain processes much more information than we have conscious access to. The subconscious stores this information, perhaps for later use or to be lost in the oblivion that is your total memory. Lucid dreaming helps you recover access to that information. While you are conscious during a dream, you are in an altered state of consciousness that is extremely helpful for communicating with your subconscious. Used in this way, dreaming can be a very direct and concrete way of getting more information into your conscious mind.

A more abstract method of accomplishing the same thing is by re-scheduling your relaxation time. Really, do you actually need a two hour “TV break” to help you relax? Let’s not kid ourselves here, most people spend a lot of time watching the television or browsing the internet where they could be doing much more productive tasks. Plug your favorite activity into your dreaming (yes, sex is a possibility here) and you have a new time for relaxation. This keeps daily life much less stressful, and makes night time a lot more fun than if you were simply remembering things. This might be a good option for those of you who prefer doing work in waking life, and prefer saving the zaniness of dream time for fun.

Not sure you could handle working like a dog all day? You could take the last idea to a new level with dream time extension. It is possible to skew dream time so that you perceive the thirty minutes of real time as three hours, three days, or three weeks. I have heard of people going for longer, and while my personal experience is limited to two days, I believe more is possible. I seriously doubt anybody is going to turn down the chance to do whatever they want for practically however long they want. Also, I should mention that this is all as real as waking life.

If you have any suggestions for this series, feel free to add them in the comments. In part II of the series, I’ll discuss how you can use dreaming to get ahead at work.


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