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May 10, 2007

Electromagneticly induced sleep?

Posted in: brainwaves

I recently ran across an article about new research into sleep aids involving Transcranial magnetic stimulation This research basically involved putting a powerful magnet behind the head of the test subject and subjecting them to waves of magnetic radiation. This forces the brain to produce delta waves, which are associated with deep, regenerative sleep. An interesting effect of this machine on the test subjects was that they only needed about 2 to 3 hours of sleep, instead of the normal 7-8.

I wouldn’t want somebody strapping a magnet to my head, but this is an interesting development. The fact that the brain can be effected by magnetic waves makes you question what small amounts of magnetic radiation do. What does the magnetic field generated by that CRT monitor you’re using? How about your computer?

I’ll be interested to see what research in this direction reveals.


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