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May 31, 2007

Dream Incubation and the Lucid Crossroads/Astral Island

Posted in: dreaming,dreaming techniques,practice

Astral Crossroads

Since Paradiso, Ben’s program to help you create (or incubate) you own dream environment is now out, I thought that a post about well known incubation locations was in order. While Paradiso’s emphasis is on creating your own paradise, it can sometimes be easier to start with something that is already well described.

The lucid crossroads, while created for a different purpose, works well for this. The site has a nice picture walk through with text description. It is very helpful in getting a solid image of the lucid crossroads, and I imagine it would help in incubating a dream there. The way the crossroads are designed is also with careful thought about what you will want to do after you’re there and lucid. The doors going into the lobby allows you to leave to go to any dream environment you wish. The lucid dojo is also useful for training martial arts, and is right next to the crossroads.

Another place which was created simply to be incubated is the Astral Island. It is actually shown in one of the doors in the Lucid Crossroads picture tour. Again, the Astral Island’s main purpose isn’t quite simply incubation, it’s actually shared dreaming, but it can be used for either. This site isn’t nearly as detailed as the lucid crossroads, but it does give a rudimentary incubation technique. Note that the terms astral projection and lucid dreaming tend to mean the same thing, I’m not sure if they’re actually describing the same thing or not, but the techniques given on the site will help you incubate a dream.

Both locales have a nice surreal feel to them, which I always felt is the right mood for a dream location. It helps me keep my attention more straight, perhaps because the location I’m trying to focus on can’t really be confused with anything from real life, surreal as it is.

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