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June 01, 2007

I Am Shaman: Meditation Supplies and More

Posted in: lucid aids,meditation,practice,resources

I am shaman is a site dedicated to providing high quality and organic ethnobotanicals to its customers. This is a great place to get anything herbal or related, whether it be ginsing, kava kava, kratom, or my personal favorite Ginkgo Biloba. They sell leaves, tinctures (extract of the plant in grain alcohol) live plants, books, and incense components.

Those are their main offerings, but they also have a nice selection of meditation gear, including incenses. Many of the herbs they sell are also useful in aiding meditation.

If you’re interested in dreaming herbs, they also sell Calea Zacatachichi, which is famed as being one of the most powerful dreaming aids for lucid dreaming.

This is a great site, and I’m almost positive that you’ll find something there that you’ll like. Did I mention they have amazing prices?


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