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June 06, 2007

Upcoming Shared Dreaming Party

Posted in: dreaming,practice,why you need to learn lucid dreaming

Big news in the lucid dreaming community! Dreamport has announced the next Shared Dreaming Party. Here is the most pertinent data:

Registration Deadline: Friday, June 22 2007
Shared Dreams Dates: Periodically between the above and below dates.
Expected Shared Dreaming Finale Date: Saturday, August 11 2007

At the moment the party is in the very beginning of the planning stages. This is a great time to jump in and help co-ordinate. The planning is taking place on the Dreamport forums, and unfortunately, you’ll have to register if you want to view or contribute to the planning. If you want to help with the planning, you’ll have to register. The good news is that registration is short, there is no validation email. I should also mention that this party is experimental, to my knowledge nothing on this scale has been accomplished before. This isn’t to say it wont’ be successful, just that it won’t be a free ride.

Now, here’s a little information about how the planning looks to be going thus far: (Nothing final, just the general ideas that have been floating around)

The method for training people to become lucid for the dream is looking like it’s going to be infinity. This will ensure everybody has the ability to lucid dream come the night of the party.

It has been suggested that we do several smaller and frequent parties leading up to the last party, which will be sort of a big bang to end the whole experiment.

The methods for getting everybody together are looking to be either having small groups who try to find each other and then the main group, or where everybody has two other people to “wake up” for the party. Which it will be is undecided, who knows, others will be suggested.

I hope to see you all there!

-Mad Hatter

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