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June 16, 2007

Dream Painkillers

Posted in: dreaming,dreaming techniques

I was thinking about the subject of pain in dreams lately, and it appears that some people have it and don’t want it. (Well, why would you want it at all, right?) So I am going to share my method for removing pain from dreams. I have never had pain in my dreams, and never will. Would you like to know how?


That all powerful part of dreams works here as well. When I originally started dreaming, I read everywhere that nobody experienced pain in dreams, and I looked back and I (luckily) had not experienced it thus far. This helped me form the belief that pain does not exist in dreams. Now I know otherwise, but I do know that for me it remains true because I want it to. The subjective nature of dreams helps this belief manifest as reality in the dream state.

While I may have removed pain, I have not removed anything else with my beliefs. (At least that I am aware of) So when I should experience pain, I usually get a substituted feeling. It ranges from mild discomfort to pressure, but it doesn’t hurt. Most of the time I simply get everything minus the pain. For instance, when I fell out of a car and rolled down a hill covered in blackberries, I could feel the thorns scratching me and I could feel myself bouncing down the side of the hill, but there was no pain.

How do I accomplish this pain free dream state?

If you already don’t have pain, then you’re set. If you do have it however, I would say the best way is to form the idea that you don’t want it there, so it won’t be there. Through affirmations, and maybe a little self hypnosis, you can make this belief manifest in dreams. Once you have that, it is really easy to maintain it, because it has proven itself. Just don’t doubt it as a fluke. You wanted pain to disappear, and it did. It won’t come back unless you doubt yourself, or actively invite it back.

Here’s to pain-free lucid dreaming!


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