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June 22, 2006

Major Advance In Psionics

Posted in: proof,psionics,psipog

Small group of paranormal researchers prove existence of “psi” energy

Or at least that’s what I imagine the headline would be… A major advance has been made, one that may even be enough to “prove” that psi or something like it exists.

I point you to this post on Peebrain’s (founder of PsiPog) blog. I believe this may be the first advancement on the path of finally making it a legitimate science. For those of you too lazy to read his post, it effectively says that he and some other major community members of PsiPog made a significant change in a Geiger counter. Now, I think that there are two possible ways that the Geiger counter was effected:

1: (The more likely way in my mind, but no less revolutionary) : The psi effected the circuits within Geiger counter causing the results to change.

2: (Probably not as likely, but who knows) : The psi caused/is composed of radiation which was picked up by the Geiger counter.

I think #1 is probably what happened, and would fit what has also been tested by other people. Many other people have been able to mentally effect electronic devices like clocks, but so far none has been able to effect such a dramatic effect in an otherwise stable instrument. Number two has many interesting thoughts with it, such as could many people concentrate on the same place to cause a radioactive area? Imagine the military’s interest…

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering about the incongruity between this post and my last one, I noticed that I generally have some down time at work, so perhaps I will keep posting. At any rate, I felt this was important enough to risk it.

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