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August 03, 2007

Lucid Plaza Project Point And Click Program Released

Posted in: dreaming,lucid aids,practice

Lucid Plaza Release!

One of the big things going on at Dreamport has been the lucid plaza project. This project is dedicated to creating a digital world in which dreamers could incubate the environment and attempt to share dreams. A big landmark release happened today: Nachician released the point and click program, which uses screens from the models that Donoteat created. In this program, the user explores the environment in still photos with descriptions of what they are looking at. This is the first release, so additions are likely. As far as we know right now, the real time version of the program is on hold due to technical problems.

Now, just how useful is this actual program?

Somewhat useful.

This first release is just the basics. It’s got a picture of everything important in the plaza, although there was a lack of interior photos as well as a shortage of photos in general. This lack caused a sort of disorientation, at least for me, as I looked around the plaza. My suggestions for the second part of the release would be a less jumpy sort of walk, and many more pictures. Perhaps the forum’s manpower could also be turned to snapping images.

Good work so far Nachician, I look forward to further releases. With any luck, these aids will give the participants in the shared dreaming project on Dreamport an easier time of it.


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