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August 14, 2007

Some Brief Tidbits

Posted in: blog,psionics,psipog

Many thanks to Darcy from Spiritual Blog Reviews for reviewing this blog. You can read the review here.

The author of this exceptional blog is the Mad Hatter…and no, I don’t think that his altered states are caused by mercury poisoning.

Most certainly my favorite part of Darcy’s fluid and well written review.

In other news:

Sean Connelly has posted about a very interesting video from 1998 about psychic powers. A news station did a story on remote viewing and had a remote viewer describe an event from the past. She had nothing but a series of 8 numbers that were assigned to the target. Watch to decide for yourself, but I’d say she nailed it.

In other other news:
Dreamport has a new look! It’s supposed to come to the forums soon too. Awesome.

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