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August 18, 2007

An Idea about Shared Dreaming

Posted in: dreaming,Musings

I was mulling over my dreams last night, and I was doing my routine check with a friend to see if it might have been a shared dream. As usual, no connection whatsoever. At least literally speaking. That’s when an idea hit me.

If dreams could be considered symbolic, what’s to say that all dreams aren’t shared, but with different symbols?

Maybe that sounds impossible, but think about it. If every person has a different perception of the same thing, it’s feasible in most ways. I was just thinking about it and I can’t really think of anything that might disprove it. (Not saying that this makes it true, as that’s a logical fallacy, just that it remains a possibility in my mind right now.) Something that is necessary for this idea is another idea: That we all dream together in something akin to the collective unconscious or a world of dreams. But the first idea begs the question:

What are actual shared dreams?

Under this concept, a dream in which people successfully communicated and experienced the same thing would be when they aligned their mechanism of perception. This way, they perceived the same things in the dream and could communicate as well as remember something similar.

This is just an idea that struck me, not based on experience or something I’ve read or anything like that, just an idea. What do you think of it?


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