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August 25, 2007

OBEs in the News

Posted in: o.b.e.,reality

It seems like there has been quite a bit of coverage about an experiment in Switzerland that was supposed to recreate an OBE. As it turns out, the experiment provided an interesting state of consciousness but not one I would consider an OBE. Here’s the short version of the experiment:

A volunteer had goggles which showed the input of a camera that was behind their shoulders.
This camera showed a view from behind their back.
When the person was touched with a pen, it appeared to be happening to their “virtual body” and not to them.
People felt like they were looking at their own body.

Why I think this is important:
It is a nice stepping stone for the scientific community to take so they can start tackling full on OBEs. Also, the relatively large publicity of this experiment on major news sites (relative to how much coverage this kind of stuff usually gets anyways) will hopefully raise the public awareness of OBEs and related subjects. Most people trust science as absolute fact too, (despite that it is a continuing explanation) so maybe this will also help people open their minds to OBEs. (and lucid dreaming!)

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