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September 03, 2007

Dreaming Slump

Posted in: dreaming,personal experiences,practice

As you may have guessed by the fairly infrequent posting as of late, I’m in a bit of a slump. Since I think you can learn from just about any experience, I’m going to try and post about how I get out of this. I suppose the first step is realizing you’re having trouble, so I’m already on the road to recovery in my mind. The first thing I should learn from this is probably how to avoid getting in a slump in the first place.

3 Habits to Avoid to Prevent Slumps

Get adequate sleep! If possible, get more then the bare minimum as It really does help lucid dreaming.
Don’t lose your interest. Keep reading about lucid dreaming and stay active in the community.
Don’t overwork yourself. Make sure you aren’t falling into bed each night and then conking out. It also helps to keep your mind from racing.

I’ll keep you updated with my “recovery” from my dreaming slump.


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