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September 12, 2007

The Big Three Dreaming Blogs

Posted in: dreaming,resources,reviews

Since the lucid dream blogging niche is rather small and underpopulated, there are few good quality, “big” blogs out there. The three that follow make up the three biggest, most updated, and most informative blogs on dreaming and lucid dreaming out there. If these three bloggers somehow met up Yalta style, great things might be accomplished. Perhaps like beating back Lucid Dreaming’s version of Nazism: Ignorance and social stigma.

Dreaming Life Ben has been around for about the same amount of time I have, but he always seems to beat me with his update schedule. He posts about many interesting theories of reality, dreaming theories, and theories in general. He also frequently shares his more remarkable experiences with dreaming. The most distinguishing traits of his blog are the interviews with many individuals, distinguished and just well read, as well his reviews of products and of etheogens. Add this together and you have a very “big” blog.

Reality Shifter A reasonably new blog, coming in at around 5 months now, is run by Kris. She has already written a large amount of solid content, the biggest being the recently completed “Mastering the Art of Lucid Dreaming” series. With 26
episodes covering many aspects of lucid dreaming, this series rocks. Another distinctive trait of this blog is the Gamma Brainwave experiment, which involves testing high level brain waves. This cutting edge research and frequent update schedule make Kris’ blog a must read.

Lucid Blog A blog coming up on its first anniversary, Lucid Blog has some great content. Basics for beginners as well as some more advanced dreaming techniques for the more accomplished oneironaught. The updates may be infrequent, but the content is good, and unique. Bill tries some interesting techniques, and gives you an idea of what you can really do once you break through the basic barrier of achieving lucidity.

These three blogs constitute a fairly balanced “diet” of dreaming information. From new experiments to fringe techniques and lucid aids, you have many different pieces of unique content, as well as the basics. If you think there is another blog out there that trumps one of these blogs, I’d be interested in seeing it. This list is just my opinion, but I’d say these are the biggest players in the lucid dreaming blog niche right now.

-I’d keep an eye on these if you’re interested in dreaming. I keep tabs on all three myself.


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