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October 03, 2007

The Slump Becomes a full on Dead Zone

Posted in: dreaming,personal experiences,practice

My “Dreaming Slump” as I deemed it several weeks ago continues. I still remember my dreams, despite getting little sleep lately, as well as not practicing many things I should be, due to lack of energy. I’ve hit that fateful problem of just being too tired to do anything when you finally are done with tasks and are ready for bed. I’m going to make more of an effort to plan in dreaming exercises, so this should change.

Then again… It seems to me like this is just a bad time for the dreaming community. I haven’t really seen a lot of progress on many sites, most of them seem to be in some form of hibernation. There’s activity to be sure, but nothing new is being done, no new innovations or exciting projects, with one exception:

A new blog and its sister site: Bliss Of Being and Healing Beats.While technically not directly dreaming related, they are both indirectly related. Bliss of Being is a broad reaching personal development site, and Healing Beats is a site dedicated to building a community around binaural beats. Healing beats looks to offer a lot once it gets some momentum, as it offers free binaural beats as well as a place to learn how to create beats as well as share them. The creator of these two sites is Wayne, who is an experienced mediator and binaural beats user. We should be seeing some guests posts from him soon, so keep an eye out for that.

I hope that I can make some progress soon, otherwise things might continue to hibernate. I hope the community as a whole wakes up a little more too.


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