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October 07, 2007

Saltcube DVD Review

Posted in: resources,reviews

Today I am reviewing a semi-famous DVD in the dreaming community. You may have seen links for it on LD4all, or in other places as well. I am not doing this as a paid review, or anything like that. This is simply my opinion on the information contained in SaltCube’s DVD I hope that this review might help you make a decision if you were considering buying the DVD.

The information on the DVD is very good, as well as very poignant. He has both basic information and definitions for the beginning dreamer as well as more advanced how to types of information. He also includes a few types of exercises to help you WILD. There’s a lot of great and varied information. I thought he really covered the basics and a little more above them. Most of it was stuff I’d heard before, but I read a great number of books as well as online information. Even I picked up some new stuff though, and the small tips have been very helpful. I’m not sure if I agree with his explanations for why everything happens like it does, but whatever the mechanism, the techniques are effective.

The presentation in this DVD is good, if somewhat standard. While he is explaining an idea, he typically highlights the main ideas by putting them in text for you to read. Other times he’ll use images to help get the idea across, which was helpful in a few instances. The only really nonstandard way conveying information he used was when he was explaining how to observe things in dreams. He gives you a first person perspective of walking around and getting sensory information, directly showing how you might do it in a dream. This is about as direct as you can get as far as relaying information, being shown.

The DVD is organized in a very general sense. It starts with basic knowledge and definitions and progresses into more advanced concepts later. Outside of that though, I didn’t really see a pattern in the information presented. Because he chose an organizational structure based more on difficulty than type of information, it makes it harder to go back and look something up. This isn’t a huge deal, because he tells you what is in part I and part II, but it’s just general locations. This does make it more beginner friendly though, as you are eased into the more difficult techniques as well as learning the basics and terminology first.

I would recommend this DVD to anybody who hasn’t been reading a lot of literature about dreaming. (If you only visit one site or forum, this DVD will probably have a lot of new things for you) If however, you’re more like me and tend to hoard dreaming information, there’s less of a benefit to buying this DVD. It still will probably fill some gaps in your knowledge, but it won’t put you leaps and bounds ahead of where you were. For anybody though, it is a well put together source of information.


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