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November 13, 2007

A New Approch To Dreaming: SALD Introduction

Posted in: A New Approach to Dreaming: SALD,dreaming,dreaming techniques,personal experiences,practice

As I’ve hinted at and alluded to a new series of articles that I would post soon. The time is nigh, and I present to you a recent and exciting method of achieving lucidity: Supplements.

SALD stands for Supplement Aided Lucid Dream. I italicized the “aided” to draw attention to the fact that although these supplements are a great aid to achieving lucid dreams, they are no magic pill. They will not give you the powers of a Tibetan monk or the equivalent value of practice. What they will do is give you about as favorable setup as you can ask for. These supplements work by altering brain chemistry (because of this, they aren’t recommended for anyone under 18, you don’t want to mess up what’s still developing) to give you various situations which are beneficial to dreaming.

The information I draw upon in these articles was gleaned from the book Advanced Lucid Dreaming: The Power Of Supplements. To Be clear about a few things: These articles represent my experiences with these substances.I recommend the book as it has a lot of great information about supplements and how to use them. One more formality: I am not a doctor, so everything in these articles is yours to use at your own risk, and should not be attempted if you are 18 or under. It is also worthy of note that supplements may have unforeseen consequences, and using any brain altering substance may have consequences later.

One more thing: These are more advanced practices, and won’t benefit the new dreamer as much. If you’re a new dreamer, I’d suggest going through my Introduction to Lucid dreaming, then coming back to this series.

Without further ado, here is the first in the series.

Part 1: Galamantine and Acetylcholine

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