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November 19, 2007

A Brief Bought of Sleep Paralysis

Posted in: dreaming,personal experiences

I was dreaming about school and late homework assignments, something I’ve noticed I do when I’m stressed or worried about school. It was probably around 5:20 hours into my cycle, guessing by when I had gone to bed, and right in the middle of arguing with a teacher over what assignment I had turned in, I awoke to my alarm. This is where the sleep paralysis comes in. I reached for the alarm on my bed stand (my cell phone) and tried to pick it up. To my dismay, I only managed to kind of knock it around a bit before it hit the floor. This is when I noticed my fingers weren’t moving. After I realized this, they loosened up in a few seconds. This is a strange event for me, as I almost never encounter sleep paralysis. I typically fall asleep and wake up in a normal fashion, although I do fall asleep almost too quickly. This leads me to my next thought:

Is there any correlation to how lucid a person is in their dreams or how often the encounter sleep phenomenon and how long it takes them to fall asleep?

I was thinking about this because I recently found out that two of the people I know are natural lucid dreamers. What do they have in common? They’re troubled sleepers. I doubt there is a direct relation between ease of sleep and lack of dream phenomenon, (as in the harder it is to fall asleep, the more lucid dreams and sleep paralysis you would experience) but I bet that it certainly increases your chances of having such an experience. So I pose the question to you, my readers. How often do you experience sleep phenomenon (sleep paralysis, lucid dreams, hypnagogia) in a normal night’s sleep and how long does it take you to fall asleep/ stay asleep?

I’ll start. I don’t experience many interesting things. Maybe once a month at the current rate. I fall asleep on average of 10 minutes at first. When woken, it’s anywhere from 1-5 minutes. I can actually fall asleep between my 8 minute snooze intervals on my alarm. WILD has always been difficult for me.


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