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February 02, 2009

A Simple Test

Posted in: dreaming,lucid aids,personal experiences

I’m taking another stab at the dream mask idea, except this time from another angle. Instead of using a face mounted mask, which had issues with staying attached as well as staying comfortable, I cobbled together a small little digital timer with a cell phone vibrator. I shouldn’t take credit for the idea, if you’re a long time reader, you might remember the few posts I did about VWILD, or vibrating watch induced lucid dream. I’m just implementing the concept. As a note, you could probably do about the same thing with a cell phone set to vibrate with an alarm. The advantage of creating it myself is control over the time, duration, and intensity of the vibration. It also leaves room for improvements, such as sleep state sensing (I’m working on it). For tonight though, it’s pretty simple. If you’re new to the concept of alerting yourself in a dream, here it is:

By setting some sort of alarm to go off at a set period during the sleep cycle, one that will be during REM, you can give yourself a signal in your dreams that you are dreaming. This is because external stimuli seeps into dreams. So in my case, I’ll try and drill it into my head that a buzz on my left arm means I’m dreaming. That is a fairly unique dream-sign that I shouldn’t experience in everyday life, so I should pay more attention to it in my dreams.

Hopefully this simple concept will yield some results. I’ll let you know tomorrow.


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