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August 09, 2006

Back To Basics

Posted in: dreaming,psipog

Well, I’ve been having dreaming issues lately, no recall at all for the last three days, let alone any lucid dreams. Because of this, I’ve decided to focus mainly on the original stuff I was doing. I’ll still keep experimenting with the brainwave and WILD as a means of getting out of body, but for right now, that’s on the backburner. My main concern is getting recall back. To do that, it’s time to go back to basics!

I’m going to do the repetition of “I will dream tonight, I will remember my dreams” as I go to sleep. I’m also going back to the first method of lucid dreams induction I tried, which I recently learned is called HILD (Habit Induced Lucid Dream.) The idea is you do a reality check whenever you do a habit. I went back to this after I talked with a person in chat, and they mentioned this take on it. Originally I was just trying to make reality checks the habit. That didn’t really work for me, so I moved on to a different technique. Well I’m back on this one, and I’m staying here for at least two weeks.

With that out of the way, onto PsiPog news:

The site is running smoothly, I’ve yet to see any problems that resulted from the server upgrade. Sadly, that’s about all I have to say about PsiPog for now. There just isn’t that much going on. It seems the influx of new articles is the result of no articles for a few years. Which, if we follow that logic, means that there won’t be many new articles for a while. Although now that articles can be posted, there is probably more incentive to write one. Who knows. I aim to keep the articles flowing, as Jesserevis and I are currently working on a dreaming article. At this point, the article is fairly well along, we just need to look at it again, then proof it. Then of course, see if Peebrain likes it. At any rate, I hope that the articles don’t stop coming!

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