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August 21, 2006

The End Of PsiPog as we Know it?

Posted in: o.b.e.,psipog

Things are happening. The gears are in motion. PsiPog is changing.

Peebrain recently posted some very interesting things on his blog, and something a little shorter and to the point on the PsiPog forums. It seems that when people said that OBE’s are life-changing, they weren’t kidding. Peebrain has decided to change PsiPog in a very big way. This may happen anytime in the time frame of 6-12 months. He mentioned perhaps archiving it, or maybe changing it into a forum dedicated to OBE’s and dreaming. While this may upset most of the community, I am not. My main interest has always fell in the realm of dreaming, and I still consider it the most powerful of the psionic skills. I hope that Peebrain will keep some sort of site online, and that he will continue to inspire people to think differently.

The best of luck to the new PsiPog.


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