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August 29, 2006

Fight To The Finish

Posted in: o.b.e.,practice,psipog

I’ve had a good amount of free time on my hands lately, and while I haven’t been using it efficiently all the time, I have been using it. During this time, I’ve come to a few conclusions:

I. The technique for time manipulation I so rashly decided to test a while back doesn’t work. I have tested it several times, and at least in my case, this technique is ineffective. I did several self tests, with different variables. None of these tests had positive results. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, it might be for the better, but here is the original post about time control. This isn’t conclusive by any means, so if you wish to try that technique, go ahead, but keep in mind I had no success. Fair warning.

I am still testing the idea of inducing OBE’s with sound frequencies. So far, results are inconclusive, due to lack of data. AKA I haven’t done enough tests yet.

II. I haven’t been really practicing until now. Sure I’ve practiced, but there is a large difference between practice and dedicated practice. If you really want to make progress quickly, there are a few things I’ve found really help. (note: This is for practice sessions, not all the time daily life. Using psi all the time is a great way to become skilled quickly.)

1. Dedicate a particular time for practice. This will help your concentration, as you don’t have to worry about something else you should be doing, namely because this IS what you should be doing because this is what you’ve planned for this block of time.

2. Push yourself. When you reach that point where you think “ok, I’ve done well, I can stop” keep going. Just because you got a little success doesn’t mean you can’t have more. It may take some willpower, but if you keep pushing it, you’ll get more results. This isn’t to say work through the pain. In psionics, pain usually means loss of ground, not gain. If you start getting pains while doing an exercise that may cause them from overexertion, (TK is a favorite for this one) stop.

3. Destroy All Distractions. Well, destroy might be a little harsh, but “remove” all distractions. The more you can concentrate on your practice, the more likely you’ll succeed and get a better experience out of it. I feel like this has been hammered a lot, but it really is crucial, so it stands one more re-iteration.

4. Reading forums is not a way to practice. Sure it may be entertaining, but it does not give you personal experience. Neither does reading articles. There is a balance point between research and practice. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t read information, but doing research should never take away practice time, or vice versa. The idea behind research should be to learn enough to help your practice, to make it more efficient. If you take up practice time with research, you don’t get any better. Conversely, if you practice away, and then read about something you took three hours to discover, it defeats the purpose. Balance.

Those are just some things I’ve discovered through trial and error. Take them as what they are, my personal opinion based on my personal experience.

Now, with that little tidbit out of the way, onto the state of PsiPog.

While the site may literally be the exact same since the announcement of the end of interactivity, it feels different. The forum isn’t really as inspired as it used to be, it seems like everybody is waiting for a bomb to drop. It seems like a lot of people are waiting for somebody to step in and say “This is the next big site, go here, everybody else is!” Many people have already tried this, many with shameless spamming, but I don’t think anybody has really gotten the majority of the community to go with them. The psionic community, in my opinion, was united by PsiPog. When it drops out of the community picture, I wonder who the leader will be to unite the smaller communities. Will it be an already established, well respected community? Will it be one of the up and comers that was recently founded, or one of the many sites that are rising out of PsiPog’s ashes? Or perhaps it will be Peebrain’s newer site, which still remains only an idea at this point. His new site would be the logical successor to PsiPog, but it might lose a lot of traffic because it now focuses on the spiritual side of things. PsiPog was a success partly because it lacked religion.

The psionic community is going through big changes right now, and it looks like very interesting changes might be coming.

I, for one, look forward to them.


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