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September 19, 2006

Mastering Astral Projection- A 90 Day Project

Posted in: Mastering Astral Projection,o.b.e.

Hello everybody, and welcome back to the continuation of the Deluge. I’ve been busy with school over the past few days, and I’ve just now gotten time to blog again. Now, with that out of the way, onto the meat:

I recently bought several books pertaining to everybody’s favorite and controversial subject, Astral Projection. The books are:

1: Journeys Out Of The Body- Robert Monroe
2: Far Journeys- Robert Monroe
3: The Ultimate Journey- Robert Monroe
4: Astral Dynamics- Robert Bruce
5: Practical Psychic Self Defense- Robert Bruce
6: Mastering Astral Projection-Robert Bruce & Brian Mercer

I’ve read a significant portion of 2,4,5, and all of Journeys Out Of The Body. #3 has yet to arrive.

The last book is a little different from the previous 5, namely because it is a training course. It gives you all the information you need to experience Astral Projection, in tidbits along with exercises that build upon the prior exercises. I am currently on day 6, and I am following the book pretty much to the letter. I could have skipped a lot of what I’ve done, because it’s basic stuff, but for the sake of a fair judgment on the book, I’ve decided to be ridiculously strict in how I follow the instructions. Interestingly enough, the book isn’t anything new to me really, but it’s the way the information is presented that is rather new. It is easy to complete the exercises, and bit by bit you become more advanced. I am already better at physical relaxation by a significant amount, on day 6. I will try to keep you updated with weekly or bi-weekly reports on my progress and things I find particularly neat from the book. I will also post my overall opinion on this book when I finish with it.

In quasi PsiPog news:

One of the mods, Roy, has been cranking out articles for his new site, Perception Engine. This site is all about human perception. It ranges from psychology to the paranormal, so it covers a broad amount of material. There are currently five well written articles online, and more soon to come. It is certainly worth a look.

In other news:

Also, if you’ve got about 5 minutes to spare and are a fan of insane archery/ridiculously difficult feats, this link may interest you.

See you all on the other side of reality

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