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September 24, 2006

A Test of Will and of Determination

Posted in: Mastering Astral Projection,o.b.e.,practice,reviews

One of the most difficult things in regard to learning from the book “Mastering Astral Projection” isn’t even really under the author’s control. My biggest obstacle is time. Finding an hour or so a night where nobody will disturb me, where I won’t lose focus or fall asleep, and resisting the temptation of just “doing practice after this activity” which is oh so familiar to many people.

Besides that minor obstacle, I have made rather fine progress, and I still continue to be impressed with the quality of the book. They provide you with everything you could ever think of to assist you with learning. Binural beats, auto-suggestion, energy stimulation, and then just plain practical exercises. There are a lot of choices you can make as well. Do you want to do the “optional” listening to brainwaves exercise? The same energy work you did last night? You can opt out of these and cut the time down, but I think that if you are serious enough to buy a book, you could find another thirty minutes. I’d rather not practice at all then rush over something.

Then again, maybe that’s why I’m skipping days left and right.

In regard to the book “Far Journeys” by Robert Monroe:

It is simply astounding. The implications and observations are very difficult to accept. Robert Monroe, in the last half of the book, meets and befriends another entity while exploring the “outer rings” as he calls them. This entity causes him to explore many things about human nature, until he eventually discovers why humanity is in existence at all. I simply cannot take Monroe at his word for something this important. Whatever the truth happens to be though, the book is quite fascinating and has many interesting tidbits in the first half that aren’t quite as hard to swallow.

I continue to work on my exercises, even if not nightly. I hope to make a more interesting report of some better progress soon.


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