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December 06, 2006

Brain Wave Generator

Posted in: bwgen,dreaming,lucid aids,resources,reviews

Well, it’s time to talk about that oh so famous program, Brain Wave Generator. Why? Because I haven’t mentioned it earlier, and I really should have.

First: What is Bwgen? Simply put, it’s a program for inducing different brainwaves, hence the name. It does this by using binaural beats, which is playing two different tones, one in each ear. The brain hears the difference between the two, allowing sounds to be heard that could not normally be heard in the human spectrum of hearing. Using binaural beats, one can induce the desirable states of consciousness:(Alpha 12 – 8Hz, Beta 40 – 13Hz, Delta 4 – 0.1Hz, and Theta 7 – 4Hz) It a very effective aid in meditation, lucid dreaming, and hypnosis.

Second: How exactly do you use it for the aforementioned activities? It’s fairly straightforward to actually use it, all you have to do is change your routine a little to accommodate wearing headphones. (It will still work without them, but it is far more effective when the sound is isolated in each ear) Now, the somewhat harder part is actually creating a preset that will fit your personal activity, whether it be self hypnosis, meditation, or a Bwgen assisted WILD.

Third: How to actually write that preset. I’ve found a great informational article on Bwgen that I think should be considered the manual for the thing. Philthemn posted this walk through over at ld4all, credit goes to him, and credit is abound, for he really did his homework when writing this. He goes more in depth on the history and how-to of binaural beats, the various states of consciousness, and a few other things, all worth reading if you have the time. However, you can probably get by with my summaries if you don’t wish to read all of his article. If you’re going to skip, skip to the “Using Bwgen” part of the article. There he describes how to make a preset, and in the next section, he describes how it might be specifically applied.

Fourth: Find some time to actually try it, then be prepared for life to get a lot easier with Bwgen.

It really is amazing, and I recommend you download the free trial in the first link I wrote. The web page for the program has a few interesting things on it too, and is good to read as well, although if you read through my summary you’ll have the base ideas, if you read through Philthemn’s article, you’ll have all of the ideas. And if you read through the site, you’ll really get the ideas in full.

In closing, Bwgen rocks, is free, and can be used for many things. I recommended it personally, and so do many other dreamers with far more experience then I.


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