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December 09, 2006

Dream Views

Posted in: dreaming,reviews

The Topic for Today is Dream Views, another lucid dreaming site with a very nice site layout.

However, there’s got to be substance beneath that for it to be a great site. It qualifies, with a unique way of presenting information about lucid dreaming. There are several articles on the main page that are meant to be read in order, to give a complete novice a decent idea of what lucid dreaming is about, and what they should do to start out. You can also read these piecemeal to get more information about a particular subject. They are somewhat basic though, and don’t go into too much detail on any one topic. For that level of detail, you’ll have to go to the tutorials section. Here there are extremely in depth tutorials for various techniques. There are also a variety of articles on other dreaming subjects.

I recently joined their forums, so I thought a little review of the site and its community might be in order. I haven’t been around the forum for more than a few days, but from what I’ve seen the community is fairly open and friendly. Not as open as ld4all, but that’s a very high level to hit. They have a lot of typical subsections of a dreaming community, plus a few more. Some of them seem a little superfluous, but one of them in particular is a real gem. This forum has an adoption program, for people interested in learning the basics of dreaming, and who are interested in learning in a one on one mentor situation. There are a few requirements, but they are quite reasonable, and the only big one is you must be a member for two weeks before either adopting or becoming adopting.

Dream Views is also in the middle of a large dream journal transfer, to a separate part of the site. I seem to remember reading about specific features that will be available to members using these journals, aside from the obvious organization.

Another topic which drew my eye was the “Community Pages” section. They are offering free hosting and advertising to forum members who wish to start a dreaming related site. I personally think this is a great way to grow communities and encourage dreamers. It’s also a great way to give to the community. I will look into it and let you know what the deal with that is once I get a little more known in the community.

Well, to wrap it up, Dream Views is a very unique site, offering many things that are unique (as far as I have seen.) They have a friendly community, a snazzy site theme, and some great community growing programs in works right now.

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