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January 25, 2007

Psipog Final PK Party

Posted in: practice,psionics,psipog


I know this is rather last minute, but I felt that I should let you guys know about the final PsiPog chat event, because It’s going to be one hell of an event. The main thing going on will be a PK part, where the objective is to bend silverware. This by itself is pretty cool, and doesn’t happen very often. The whole idea behind the party aspect of it is that it makes it easier to get good results as there are more people there to build up the anticipation and excitement.

What else is going on? It’s a regular circus, actually. It’s supposed to start off with an introduction from Sean Connelly (Peebrain) about some topics, (the most interesting of which is information about his new site) and then proceed to the party. A lot of the “big names” will be there, NI among them. (That’s noteworthy because he’s not very active in many communities) After the party, Erik Durwood II may also talk about his site, Megatronics, which focuses on psi research. He’s actually conducted a lab experiment with a Geiger counter. The results were in favor of PSI, by the way. This should wrap up the main events, but I’m sure there will be something of an after party with everybody there. I’ll try and acquire a log of the event so I can post it up here.

Make sure you check out this link for all the information pertinent to the event.

If you’re interested in who is going to be there, or just reading through the forum posts about it, here is the initial announcement, and here is the second one.

If somehow didn’t find the server and channel in those posts, the server is irc.darkmyst.org and the channel is #psipog. No registration required.

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