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January 28, 2007

Psipog Final PK Party – Interesting Points

Posted in: psionics,psipog


Well, the PK party is also done. Here are the extensive logs of the event. Just scroll down a little bit. Keep in mind this is only from it’s official start to the official end, there was much more going on before and after. It was very fun, (for the short while I was there) and quite a number of people had success with their silverware. The chat is still going on at the time of the writing, but it’s dwindled from the huge amount of users at the peak (somewhere around 115 in the room) to about 40. Here’s some of the more interesting points:

Sean Connelly’s (Peebrain) new site, A Little Weird, has been announced. It’s focus is much broader then Psipog’s, as it is now about anything paranormal as opposed to simply psionics. Peebrain basically ditched his old idea completely. I can’t say I am in favor of this so much because I think it will bring a lot more “fluff” into the community. The removal of the scientific part of it doesn’t help either. I am somewhat disappointed that it isn’t OBE based after all, but I am sure that it will still be an interesting site regardless.

Erik’s site
, Megatronic Laboratories, is about explaining how psionics works, with a scientific approach. It is set to open around June 19th to commemorate the somewhat famous Geiger counter experiment. This community looks like it will be a lot of work, but more work tends to produce more progress. He plans to do more lab experiments and even provide plans for people to build a testing apparatus for themselves. I hope that Erik makes significant scientific progress in the realm of psionics. Perhaps he’ll even get the mainstream to look at it.

The pictures of the bent silverware aren’t up on psipog yet, but here are some of the ones people linked to in the chat:

Picture 1

Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14

They aren’t in any order. Check psipog’s archive of the PK party in a few days to see the person responsible for the bent silverware.

And last but not least, some of the more noteworthy lecture parts of the party. I even trimmed off the annoying ____ has joined stuff. These excerpts aren’t much more then what I summarized, but if you want to here it from the horses’ mouth, here it is:

Peebrain starting it off:

[21:01] * peebrain sets mode: +m
[21:01] ALRIGHTY!
[21:01] thanks everyone for showing up
[21:01] hi BlackShadow, just in time
[21:01] this is the game plan:
[21:02] it’s always time for BS
[21:02] haha
[21:02] 1. PK Party, this will probably last maybe an hour
[21:02] 2. I will talk about my new site and the ideas that I’m working with
[21:02] 3. Erik will talk about some science stuff that has to do with psionics
[21:02] 4. Everyone can hang out and spam after that
[21:03] then eventually, 5. I close the chat
[21:03] so, let’s get started with #1… the PK Party
[21:03] http://www.fork-you.com/how05.html
[21:03] http://www.fork-you.com/how06.html
[21:03] if you’ve never bent silverware, then use those two pages to help you learn how
[21:03] if you’ve bent silverware, then do whatever works for you
[21:04] I’ll outline the basic method here
[21:04] basically, you hold your piece of silverware
[21:04] (do not use knives)
[21:04] hold it loosely between your thumb and pointer finger
[21:04] then you slow yourself down, and get into a relaxed state
[21:04] get real relaxed
[21:05] fork-you.com’s method is to visualize a golden ball of energy
[21:05] wherever this ball goes, it makes you feel relaxed, and warm
[21:05] and all mushey inside
[21:05] this golden ball of energy never runs out, and you can draw as much power from it as you want
[21:05] 97 people…
[21:05] welcome
[21:06] we were just going over fork-you.com’s fork bending method
[21:06] http://www.fork-you.com/how05.html
[21:06] http://www.fork-you.com/how06.html
[21:06] maybe if you set it as the topic
[21:06] we haven’t STARTED yet… but we are just reviewing it
[21:06] good idea
[21:06] * Retrieving #psipog modes…
[21:06] * peebrain changes topic to ‘PK Party: Read these: http://www.fork-you.com/how05.html http://www.fork-you.com/how06.html
[21:07] ok, after we visualize that golden ball, we visualize it moving to our finger
[21:07] (where our silverware is)
[21:07] then we imagine the heat really picking up
[21:07] then, on the count of three, we all shout BEND BEND BEND at the silverware
[21:07] if you can, shout out loud
[21:08] if you can’t shout out loud, then think it really loud Razz
[21:08] after that, we all relax, chat, and have a good time
[21:08] and check our silverware every once in a while to see if it’s bendable
[21:08] ONE more thing…
[21:08] if you haven’t already seen the video, check out:
[21:08] http://fork-you.com/
[21:08] they have a video of a fork being bent
[21:09] now, to me, it looks like they are using a lot of force with their fingers
[21:09] but if you actually try to bend silverware, it takes a LOT MORE force than what they’re using
[21:09] *and we officially broke the previous chat record*
[21:09] ok
[21:09] Smile
[21:09] so, I’m going to unmod it, and we are going to start the meditation
[21:09] no one talk
[21:09] let’s see how much self control we have as a group
[21:09] meditate for about 10 minutes
[21:10] get that nice hot golden ball going
[21:10] get it on your silverware
[21:10] and keep it there
[21:10] we’ll meet back here at 9:21pm
[21:10] and shout bend bend bend
[21:10] sound good?
[21:10] good
[21:10] I’ll inform everyone who comes in not to speak and meditate.
[21:10] now – do not talk, and start meditating
[21:10] ready set go
[21:10] * peebrain sets mode: -m

JoeT Explaining An Alternate Technique

[21:40] Sean, mind if I share a technique?
[21:40] go for it… I have one comment:
[21:40] the hand holding my silverware is all sweaty.. w00t
[21:40] ok go ahead Smile
[21:40] Hah, excellent
[21:41] Stop pming me aswell, please.
[21:41] Alright, everyone please hold your fork/spoon and place it in front of you.
[21:41] Visulization is the key.
[21:41] Everyone first close your eyes and slowly count down from 25.
[21:41] Slowly
[21:42] Alright, now: Put your fork/spoon in front of you and stare at it. Remember to pinch the fork using your thumb and pointer finger.
[21:42] back
[21:43] Then, I want you all to visualize your body on fire.
[21:43] Try to ‘feel’ the heat of that fire.
[21:43] Visualize the flames.
[21:43] Now, look at your fork/spoon
[21:44] Imagine the flames of the fire covering the spoon/fork.
[21:44] See the fork begin to melt.
[21:44] Try to ‘smell’ the fork melting.
[21:44] Keep visualizing it.
[21:44] Stare at the fork/spoon
[21:45] Now, see that fork/spoon folding downwards.
[21:45] Now, yell mentally or outloud “Bend!”
[21:45] Slightly put pressure on the fork/spoon.
[21:45] Repeat until you’ve done it.
[21:45] It’s a decent technique.
[21:46] Anyone get it to bend?
[21:46] * JoeT sets mode: -m
[21:46] that works awesome

Sean Connelly (Peebrain) Explaining his new site:
(I left some of the funnier initial name-changes in, and deleted the repetitive ones later on)

[22:07] now I want to talk about my next project
[22:07] * Roy readies the nailgun
[22:07] before I do that…
[22:07] thanks to everyone for coming to the PK Party
[22:07] it was a lot of fun, and this is the most people we’ve ever had in this chat room
[22:07] a record-breaking evening for a record-breaking group
[22:08] … Razz
[22:08] ok… now about my next project
[22:08] I know I said before that I wanted to work soley on OBEs
[22:08] but, in the past 6 months, or however long it’s been, I changed my mind
[22:08] in fact, about 3 ago, I was done with paranormal stuff all together
[22:09] believe it or not, running psipog can take a lot of energy out of you Razz
[22:09] it felt good to be done, and I didn’t really want to do anything paranormal
[22:09] but I ran into a problem
[22:09] reality didn’t really care if I wanted to stop experiencing paranormal things
[22:09] reality just kept giving me weird shit day after day
[22:09] I still had OBEs
[22:09] I still predicted things
[22:10] I still read people’s minds and emotions
[22:10] I still heard voices (maybe I’m crazy on that one…)
[22:10] so… while it did feel good to take an extended break from psipog and talking about paranormal stuff all the time, ultimately…
[22:10] I do paranormal shit, and I enjoy the paranormal
[22:11] but… like I said before… psipog is going to be archived
[22:11] I still stand by that decision because psipog has it’s own image
[22:11] I don’t control the image of psipog, it has a life of it’s own
[22:11] and what I want to do next does not fit in the image of psipog
[22:11] what I want to do next is to tackle all things paranormal
[22:12] instead of just psychic abilities, I also want to branch out into ghosts/hauntings, and UFO/aliens, and basically anything weird
[22:12] and instead of taking a scientific perspective, I want to take a different perspective
[22:12] science is great, but I feel it shouldn’t be the MAIN focus
[22:12] it should be something we can use now and then to help us along
[22:13] the MAIN focus should be just to have a good time – to have fun, and enjoy ourselves
[22:13] I think the reason psipog was successful wasn’t because we focused on psionics from a scientific perspective
[22:13] there are lots of sites that do a much better job at that than psipog
[22:13] and they are:
[22:13] boring
[22:13] why?
[22:14] * Sabre is now known as BECAUSE-WE-LOVE-PEEBRAIN
[22:14] because, science is great and all, but shit… reading an 800 page document about crap I can’t understand or internalize just isn’t fun
[22:14] * BECAUSE-WE-LOVE-PEEBRAIN is now known as Sabre
[22:14] the paranormal is something that needs to be experienced
[22:14] then, if after we are done experiencing it, we may choose to look at it scientifically
[22:14] or we may choose to use religion
[22:14] or we may just to just say “wow, that was fucking weird” and move on
[22:14] so
[22:15] my new site is going to be focused on everything paranormal
[22:15] * Number1Fan is now known as PEEBRAIN-I-LOVE-YOU
[22:15] * Bob_stew is now known as lmao_at_Sabre
[22:15] Enough with the name changes.
[22:15] it’s going to put the emphasis on HAVING FUN
[22:15] Listen.
[22:15] * lmao_at_Sabre is now known as Bob_stew
[22:15] * PEEBRAIN-I-LOVE-YOU is now known as PEEBRAINS-Number1Fan
[22:15] Sean, got a name yet?
[22:15] Smile
[22:15] yes, I have the domain ready to go Smile
[22:15] now, nothing is really on the site just yet
[22:16] And that is why I love you
[22:16] but a nice little place holder
[22:16] http://alittleweird.com

Erik’s Talk About His Site

[22:25] go ahead Erik
[22:25] lol okay
[22:25] this is not going to be a long dissertation or anythign so you can put your notepads down
[22:25] and forgive the typos ^__^
[22:26] Alright.
[22:27] When I first came to the Pog, I was met by a community that for the most part had problems finding their butts even with the prober documentation.
[22:27] scientifically that is,
[22:27] ^__^
[22:27] I was in the same boat, so I was able to bland in pretty well
[22:27] blend*
[22:28] as time went by I leaned the techniques and did the practice and with what little results I got, I found the confidence I needed to move on
[22:28] learned*
[22:29] Regardless of where we start out, we all need confidence
[22:29] that gives us the emotional support we need to be brave and sure of ourselves.
[22:30] we can establish confidence in a lot of ways
[22:30] delusion
[22:30] wisdom
[22:30] and from the confidence of others
[22:31] when I see the state of the online communities today, I see one common thing.
[22:31] experience
[22:31] I see people trying their best to spin wheels and move straws and form consctructs and shields
[22:32] they make progress at first, but after a while progress slows
[22:32] and as progress slows, confidence wains
[22:33] whatever it was they got you there in the first place, the source of your confidence and the knowledge you gained
[22:33] that*
[22:33] looses the “punch” it had a while ago
[22:33] Sean had mentioned that a major goal in the paranormal is to have fun
[22:34] this is very true.
[22:34] what is fun to some may not be for others. (I myself think science is fun *rubs fork wound on forehead*)
[22:35] nevertheless,
[22:35] *checks clock*
[22:35] okay
[22:35] my point is, we don’t know what the hell we are doing
[22:36] we have ideas and theories, but nothing that can be applied to everyone
[22:36] The ambition of science is to improve humanity
[22:36] and the ambition of scientists is to leave the science to them
[22:37] ^__^
[22:37] scientists will spend years investigating the simplest things to make them understandable and useful to the lay-mans.
[22:37] I am no different
[22:38] like the Q to your James Bond, I and my colleagues work to understand things to you don’t need to
[22:38] I will be establishing a web-community as the public frontend to a 7 year running project to investigate psionics and the paranormal.
[22:39] located at http://labs.megatroniconline.com
[22:39] there, we will work with everybody willing to contribute to develop theories, create experiments and produce results
[22:40] this is not entirely about science as much as it is about what WORKS
[22:40] and we hope to find what works.
[22:41] My site will be finished at or before June 19th to celebrate the anniversary of the infamous Geiger-Counter Experiment
[22:41] we are working on plans for toold you can build and schematics you can construct to make your own tools for practice and experimentation
[22:42] your own way to verify your results
[22:42] in time, we will establish with physical verifiable results that tat psionics is nothing to sneeze at and that we are here to stay
[22:43] from our work we will develop clearer and more effective practice techniques and the scientific support for it (if you want)
[22:44] and with that we will usher in a new field of study and be the pioneers that will engineer the future.
[22:44] *corny fanfare*
[22:44] okay. I’ve drug this on long enough
[22:44] I’m looking forward to this greatly Smile
[22:44] so in conclusion, all that scientific stuff that 99.99% of the population doesn’t understand, Erik DOES understand
[22:45] and he can build shit to help us
[22:45] Peebs, you should know that you and your community was pivotal in creating the future we want
[22:45] Yes..
[22:45] Erik: You said something about things we “dont need to know”. Care to elaborate on that? I would be quite happy with knowing what I’m working with. On a second note, what kind of new verifiable experiments will produce these new verifiable results?
[22:46] well “don’t need to know” was very general and probably poor word choice. What I mean by that is that you may not need to understand it to be capable OF it.
[22:46] * peebrain sets mode: -m

Well, that’s my coverage of this important event in the psionic community. I hope psipog remains a valuable resource to many people.


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