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February 01, 2007

Perception Engine- A Review

Posted in: reviews

What is consciousness? What is actually reality and how much of it is influenced by our means of perceiving it? What are other forms of consciousness like?

These are some of the questions under the investigation of the site Perception Engine. This site is run by a former PsiPog mod, Roy, and has many articles dealing with topics like spirituality and psychology. The articles are written by the community and by Roy, who has a bachelors in psychology from Hofstra University. He also personally screens all of the articles that are posted on the site. The site also has a blog and a newsletter.

The articles on the site are generally well written, and are growing at a fairly constant speed. On average, there is about an article every week. At the time of the writing there are 22. The length varies, although it is generally good for 10 to 15 minutes of reading. The broad range of interesting subject matter makes each article an interesting read, and will probably get you thinking. Overall, quite good. If you feel that you’re qualified enough to write an informative article about the kind of subject that PE represents, the guidelines are here.

The blog on PE is also very informative and interesting. It generally covers more recent events, and is where various authors express opinions. The blog gives you a chance to ask questions of the authors through the typical comment system, and is the only community interaction present outside of article submission. However, the authors read all of the comments, so if you leave a serious comment, you will most likely get a response.

I can’t really comment about the newsletter beyond that it is there, and that it is supposed to start soon.

This site is worth a look, so check it out!

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