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February 13, 2007

Old News, But Interesting News

Posted in: dreaming,personal experiences,reviews

This is actually fairly old news as the name suggests, but I felt the need to post it as it relates to the Nova Dreamer knock off mask I built. While it has yet to give me any lucid dreams, it continues to give me problems. It is really uncomfortable when tight enough to stay on my face, but it falls off most of the time when it’s loose enough to be comfortable. I’ve been working around the problem with some cloth padding, but the mask has still not done anything important, with one exception. There was one experience I had that was related to the mask:

I was in a dream, a white room with some people. Suddenly, the entire room blinked in and out of existence, everything went white. The room returned, blinked out again, then returned. I immediately realized it was a dream, as that was exactly how I imagined the blinking to effect my dreams. I enjoyed an averagely vivid dream with a fairly high level of lucidity. At the end of the dream, I started to fly, and that woke me up enough for me to fall out of the dream. Here’s the part that makes it an odd occurrence: When I woke up, I found the mask sitting behind my bed. I had probably just had a placebo induced lucid dream. Either that, or I somehow had taken the mask off after the dream had been induced, which I find very unlikely. I should let you know that at the time I had been unconsciously taking the mask off in the middle of the night and waking up with it off. Either way, it’s the only success I’ve had that’s related to the mask.

I also thought I should mention that I am planning on breaking out the photo reading course again. I’ll be sure to do a review of it once I finish. I will also do a review of a lucid dreaming course I am currently following, written by BenDrummin, called Infinity. I’ll let you know more about it in about a week, when I finish it.

A final parting shot: I am also planning on doing a revamp of the organization of some of the labels sometime this week, to make some of the older information more accessible.

Lots on the horizon, so check back soon.


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