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February 15, 2007

Psi Experiments

Posted in: practice,psionics,psipog

Here’s some fairly big news in the psychic community: Mind-Energy.net has launched a new sub-site dedicated to psionic experiments. This is fairly exciting as not only will these experiments gather valuable data, but they are sponsored by other people who are involved in psychic endeavors. All of the participants have a chance to win prizes from the sponsors, like meditation DVDs etc. It is a very interesting idea, and I would encourage anybody who is interested to participate. If you don’t know much about how psychic stuff works, I’d advise checking out PsiPog to learn basic things like the psiball, then move onto whatever you’re interested in.

The site that is hosting psi-experiments (Mind Energy) is a blog about psychic subjects, and is also on my list of sites to be reviewed. It’s most likely going to be my next post, so check back soon.


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