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February 22, 2007

An Intro to Dreaming (Part IV: Lucid Hypnosis)

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Welcome to part IV in the introduction the lucid dreaming series. Now that we’ve covered some of the basics of dream induction including a basic technique, we’re going to move on to a more abstract but quite effective technique. We’ll be working with HILD. (Hypnosis Induced Lucid Dream) We’ll be using self-hypnosis with brainwave generator as our tool for hypnosis. Here is the download of the trial version. After you’ve downloaded (It’s about 1.15 megs) and installed it, grab a pair of headphones. This is important as the binaural beats which Bwgen utilizes are only effective if each signal is played in one ear only.

Using hypnosis to influence the subconscious to induce lucid dreams.

Hypnosis is a very powerful tool, but it is a tricky one. Belief is the engine that fuels the subconscious, and hypnosis is sort of a cheat to get yourself to believe something. It allows you to more easily connect with your subconscious and give it suggestions as to what you believe, and what you want it to perform based on these beliefs. However, if you don’t believe something completely, it won’t happen, or will have a greatly diminished chance of happening. This is where habitually re-affirming your belief in something comes in. By brainwashing yourself into believing something and honestly wanting to believe it, eventually you will. Once you’ve got your subconscious and your conscious on the same page and working together, you can achieve lucid dreams with ease.

The reason simply believing something will work and then asking your subconscious to do it works is fairly simple. You are relying on your subconscious to initiate your lucid experience, as is the case with DILD‘s. If you tell your subconscious what you want it to do, in unambiguous terms, it will act on it. If your subconscious believes that you can have a lucid dream at will, and that you are going to have one tonight because you told it so, it will act to make it happen. It will make you realize dream signs, or simply make you lucid without reason.

Self Hypnosis for Lucid Dreaming
The two part formula for success

Daily Affirmations

This is the part for putting your conscious on the right track. During the day, repeat this to yourself:

“I have the ability to lucid dream, I have simply chosen not to use it until now”

You can use anything similar to that as long as you believe your reason. Once you have convinced your mind that you really can dream, and that you simply have not been utilizing your control over dreams, you will able to lucid dream at will. I’m not lying to you, you really do have this power. Everybody has it to some degree, some people just have to develop it more. Look to how your dream recall was before you started working on it. I bet you didn’t think how much you’ve improved in that area was possible. This isn’t any different, so just realize that you are master of your dreams, you just haven’t been filling the role until now.

Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis is all about belief, if I haven’t stressed that enough, so make sure you believe that hypnosis is possible and can happen to you. Want it to happen. Next, find a quiet place you can stay for 30-45 minutes to without being interrupted. Start up Bwgen and put it on the deep relaxation pre-set. Put on the headphones and start the preset. Now try and relax as much as possible. Think about each muscle in your body becoming relaxed, starting with your face muscles, then neck, then shoulders, etc. Work your entire way down your body and try to feel your muscles becoming relaxed. Do this a few times, until you feel in a sort of dreamy, relaxed state. you might repeat something to yourself such as:

“My body becomes relaxed, my muscles loose all tension.”

Now that you’re relaxed, we’re going to start off with a phrase to build your faith in yourself. There are several applications for hypnosis, but we’ll use dream recall for our purposes. Repeat this phrase or something similar to yourself for your first few sessions:

“I remember my dreams every morning upon awakening.”

Once you have noticed the effects that has had an effect, and have convinced yourself that hypnosis is actually effective, move onto some lucid dreaming statements. Depending on your belief and comfort with hypnosis, you will want to use one of these possible suggestions, or make one of your own like these. You’ll probably want to use one of the “weaker” suggestions first, and work your way up.

“I have the ability to lucid dream at will.”
“I lucid dream every night”
“I will lucid dream tonight”
“I lucid dream at least once a week”

The reason I gave you some watered down versions of the same thing is that your conscious mind has to not only find it possible, it has to believe it for it to be truly effective. That’s where the first half of this comes into play. I’d suggest starting on the bottom sentence, that way you can tell yourself that you didn’t fail tonight, you simple are going to dream some other time this week.


This isn’t as effective for everybody as the other techniques were. However, if it works, it really works well.

This technique isn’t for everybody, but it is worth trying to see if it works for you. Why you ask? If perfected, all you need do to achieve lucid dreams is tell yourself you will have them. It is the least work possible to induce a dream, if you can even call telling yourself to have a lucid dream work. As everybody isn’t successful with self hypnosis, or may have trouble believing in hypnosis in the first place, this may not be a great stand alone technique for some individuals. I would recommend adding it to any lucid dreaming routine though, as it adds the chance of a spontaneous DILD.

Points to Reiterate

Remember that this is a belief building exercise. Just because you thought you were completely convinced, had hypnotized yourself and given the proper suggestions to your subconscious but had no success doesn’t mean that you “failed.” It simply means you haven’t built up enough faith in yourself.

Hypnosis is not as effective on everybody as I would like. Thusly, this may not be very effective for you. However, do not give up after two days. Stick with this one for at least two weeks, and if after that period of time you don’t notice any difference in your dream recall or dreams in general, then it’s fine to move on.

Belief is paramount to everything in hypnosis. You have to really believe what you’re saying, no half-hearted mindless repetition. The more you believe, the greater your chances of success.

Well that’s it for Bwgen, at least for now. If you’re interested in learning more about Bwgen, I’d recommend reading my review of it and perhaps some of the links from there. I hope you’re enjoying this series and have had some success by now. If you’re just joining us, this is part IV of the introduction to lucid dreaming series. Here are the first parts: The Introduction, Part I, Part II, and Part III.

You can always email me if you have questions regarding these techniques. Feel free to leave a comment as well.




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