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February 26, 2007

British Remote Viewing Experiments

Posted in: proof,psionics

I caught this story about how the UK ministry of defense conducted remote viewing experiments in 2002 over at Mind-Energy. The story is about how the UK ministry of defense drafted several “amateur psychics” for a test in remote viewing.

  1. They tried to get advertised psychics but none of them accepted.
  2. The test involved a small object of picture in an envelope that the viewer had to describe while blindfolded.
  3. 28% of the volunteers were able to produce near guesses to what was in the envelope.
  4. The others failed, some rather miserably, like the guy who fell asleep.
  5. The Ministry of Defense decided it was not worth further experiments and ceased testing.

My take on this:

  1. I’d say that none of the advertising psychics accepting throws much doubt on their abilities. Of course, most of the advertised psychics have been proven fake thus far anyways, so that’s nothing new.
  2. Not much to say here, this is a fairly typical test.
  3. I’d say that the 28% figure is astounding. The fact that 28% of a group of amateurs were able to get near guesses would be astounding to me as a researcher. The probability of that happening must be much lower then 28%.
  4. I’d say this is to be expected, as they took whoever applied. If you took a group of people who all claimed to be able to paint, you’re going to get some good painters and some bad ones. It’s just a shotgun selection method.
  5. If they wanted to use remote viewing for national defense, then they should have tested a larger number of people and then continued the tests until they narrowed it down to the most often successful viewers. That makes sense to me. Then of course, perhaps that’s what they’re doing. No country likes to admit it’s using psychics. Especially if its espionage related.

It’s good to see that psychic research is still going on, even if this story is from 2002. I still wonder how much research the Soviet Union did into this subject. I’ve seen many reports that supposedly come from the Union about tests. I’ll try and find some for a later post, but they were long and detailed.

Interesting stuff,


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