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March 01, 2007

OBE Resources: Free Ebook

Posted in: o.b.e.,practice,psionics,resources

I’ve been getting back into OBE’s and psionics lately, as well as keeping up with dreaming. I’ve established a fairly even practice of each and have been making some progress with Bwgen, which I’ll post about later if it goes anywhere.

The main point of this post is to introduce you to this free Ebook by Robert Peterson.

This is an interesting book about out of body experiences and beyond, into the astral projection area. If you consider them different, that is. He describes how he first got into it, how he progressed, and interesting things he experienced. He also has a “how to” portion. His technique for going out of body is rather non traditional, though it has all of the necessary elements for a projection. I’d read it more for his experiences and motivation then for a how to. If you want to see more OBE stuff from me, I’d vote for mastering astral projection or Bwgen on that poll.

Some Other useful sites for Projecting:

If you’re interested in OBE stuff in general Robert Bruce’s web page is an amazing resource. There are many great, detailed, and most importantly free articles on OBEs, how to project, and everything related. One particular gem is his NEW, (New Energy Ways) which encourage energetic development and sensitivity throughout the body. I’ve gone through this myself, and personally recommend it.

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