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March 07, 2007

Infinity- The Lucid Dreamer’s Boot Camp

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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Confucius

Programmed & Written by: BenDrummin58
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Infinity User Survey

The above is from Ben’s post on LD4all.
Today’s topic is the lucid dreaming program made by BenDrummin, Infinity. This program has been gaining steam on the LD4all forums as a very reliable way to induce lucid dreams. It starts you out with a simple technique, and then builds on it. Each day a new technique is added for you to do in addition to yesterday’s technique. This is what makes it so effective, as well as so intense. I’ve nicknamed it lucid dreaming boot camp because after about a week into it, every day is a wake back to bed with a WILD. Add into this MILD, as well as some subconscious programming via Bwgen, and you’ve got a great chance at inducing a lucid dream.

The testers for this program all managed to induce at least 2 lucid dreams in the two week period. Almost all of the responses on the forum thus far are really positive. Now, how well did it work for me?

On day 7, I had a low level, very confusing series of lucid false awakenings. Unfortunately, I had to quit after day 8 because I got sick and couldn’t afford the WBTB’s anymore. After day 8 is when the program really gets most effective too. This is mostly because you’re doing about half an hour’s worth of things before bed, then getting up and doing more things, then a WILD.

My final conclusions about Infinity: It’s worth it if you can afford to be tired for a week or so, due to the WBTB’s. However, Infinity’s claim is that once you’ve got your lucid dreams coming on a regular basis, you no longer need infinity or the WBTB’s. This sounds like a goal to work for. However, I would not recommend Infinity to the half heartedly enthused. Only those with a good amount of willpower and a little time before bed should go for this. The others should wait until they’re more motivated.

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