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June 01, 2006

Is there anybody….In there!

Posted in: practice,psionics,subconscious

So I started communicating with my subconscious today, fairly interesting. I figure its a more direct avenue towards things like lucid dreaming when you can just tell your subconscious what to do (although you can’t directly just tell it, but eh) I also started practicing on the Psi-Wheel again, tried a different technique this time. I like this one better because I’m a fan of using energy to do things, it lets me know something is happening, takes away some of the “am I really doing it?” aspect. The person who wrote that article happens to be a rather talented psion, capable of moving rather large objects, and he has some videos on Psipog if you’re interested:
(Note: These videos aren’t meant to convince skeptics, and the quality certainly doesn’t help any arguments, but they are meant more to give an idea of what Apollo is capable of)
Sliding a Pencil
Moving a 3 hole-puncher
Moving a ball of paper

I got the best results so far with his technique, and I recommend it. All credit for writing the article and for the videos goes to, obviously, Apollo. Here is his blog, if you didn’t catch the first link.

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