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March 16, 2007

More Experiments with the Mask

Posted in: lucid aids,lucid dreaming mask,personal experiences,practice

Well I’ve been working with the mask some more. I’ve found a good way around the comfortability problem too. I turn the mask on when I go to sleep, and then wake up 4 hours later. I then put the mask on, and go back to sleep. I’ve done this twice now and I’ve gotten results both times. The first night I posted about here. Last night I tried it again. I woke up at the right time, put the mask on and went back to sleep. I became lucid in a dream later that night, but oddly enough, it wasn’t due to anything I can attribute to the mask. It was a simple dream sign that made me lucid. Unfortunately, I lost lucidity soon after. Because of my poor recall lately, I can now also tell you what it’s like to forget a lucid dream. This was a fairly high level lucid too.

What forgetting a lucid dream feels like: Just like a normal dream with a foggy recall. The only difference is that there is a brief instant of when I became lucid. Another oddity is that I only had that memory when I woke up, nothing else of the dreams from last night.

Admittedly, I haven’t had time to write down my dreams in the morning for a while, so I’ve lost recall accordingly. I’m going to try and do some Bwgen sessions to fix this, and I will continue testing the mask. I think these results are promising.


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