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March 23, 2007

Lucid Mask Update

Posted in: dreaming,lucid aids,lucid dreaming mask,practice

The lucid mask is really one of the most simple yet complicated lucid dreaming aids that I have ever seen. It should be simple, just put it on and fall asleep. It manages to give me trouble, however. Falling asleep fast enough and then waking up at the right time, then falling asleep with it on and having it flash in the REM cycle is a very difficult way to use it. If I can’t get a night where I at least complete that list of steps soon, then I will just focus on Boxed Nirvana.

I must also say that Discreet Reminder going off late at night when you aren’t expecting it is quite startling.

I’ll keep plugging away at the mask, but it’s getting rather discouraging result-wise.


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