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March 31, 2007

A Personal Realization

Posted in: dreaming,meditation,o.b.e.,personal experiences,practice

Well, I’ve been idling in progress for both lucid dreaming and out of body experiences for a while now. I haven’t done anything new with lucid dreaming, I still get about one lucid dream a month, but that’s not nearly enough for me. In the realm of OBE’s I’ve actually had a little bit of a backslide.

Realizations I’ve had:

In order to succeed at lucid dreaming, there are some skills you really must have. Among these are good recall, concentration, and persistence.

You need recall just to remember normal dreams. Remembering normal dreams helps you differentiate the dream world from waking life. Even though you may confuse the two, you gain some understanding about what your dream worlds are like, what their tendencies are, and other dream signs like that. I believe that just remembering dreams and keeping a dream journal raise your chances for a spontaneous lucid dream.

Concentration is important for techniques like MILD and WILD. You have to be able to keep a sliver of your consciousness still with you as you drift to sleep in WILD, which requires you to not get lost in random thoughts. MILD also requires you to keep a single thought continuously going through your head until you fall asleep. This is quite difficult, as the mind tends to wander when it’s tired, especially when you’re falling asleep.

And to keep up with all of the odd exercises lucid dreaming demands of you, you need persistence. The will required to keep up with a daily dream journal isn’t anything to sneeze at, and doing reality checks constantly requires some strength of mind as well. Getting up in the middle of the night for wake back to bed’s definitely requires some self mastery too.

Even with my small amount of experience in OBEs, I’ve still come to realize one big thing:

The state of mind brought about by deep meditation is paramount to leaving your body. The ability to remain passive to outside sensations and to remain devoid of thought is a key skill for OBEs. In all of the times I’ve almost left my body, or in the one time I made it halfway out, I was always stopped by the same brick wall: Losing my focus and succumbing to fear. Meditation teaches you how to focus within, and keep your mind calm. The better you get at mediation, the better you get at ignoring outside interference.

These are just a few things I’ve come to realize. They ring true for me. Do you agree/disagree with these realizations and have you had any of your own? Leave a comment and let me know.

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