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April 08, 2007

Paradiso…Create Your Own Dreamscape!

Posted in: dreaming,lucid aids,resources

Does anybody remember Infinity, by BenDrummin? The program that garuntees a lucid dream within two weeks time. It has a 100% success rate with over 700 participants, so if you haven’t checked it out, I’d recommend it.

The real news is about Paradiso, BenDrummin’s newest program. This is like Infinity, except that it focuses on creating your own personal dream paradise. This isn’t to say that it cannot give you a lucid dream, however. You could very easily put signs in your dream scape saying “you are dreaming” or have a dream character politely remind you. Ben also said that he thinks this program won’t be as intensive as Infinity, so no more Bootcamp! Paradiso is about to enter the beta testing period, so I would recommend signing up for the beta if you are interested. 4 Testers will be chosen randomly from that group. There is another way to get into the beta however. There is currently a contest going on in the thread, which is to describe your personal dream scape. It can be with words, a drawing, a painting, whatever media you prefer. There is only a day left for this contest though, so hurry!

EDIT: Paradiso is now out, and can be downloaded at dreamport.
Here is the dream scape I’m going to try and incubate. It’s very abstract, so it may be difficult. I hope I am able to at least get parts of it though, because all of it is designed to function in the dream world. For instance, the mirrors are for viewing facets of someone’s personality, as well as your own.

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