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April 09, 2007

Schumann Resonance (7.83hz) MP3 and Omniversal

Posted in: bwgen,meditation

I was looking over on brain wave generator’s site, and I decided to grab a preset for one of the more interesting frequencies out there, the Schumann Resonance (7.83Hz). This is close to the frequency the earth resonates at (it’s somewhere around 8 ) and it is supposed to be a good frequency to meditate to. This particular version is also constructed using the Harmonics Box technique, which is supposedly more effective then just using the normal frequency. The Harmonic Box method involves using multiple frequencies to get the same one. It’s somewhat complex. The full explanation is at the bottom of this post.
You can download an MP3 of it here, or the Bwgen file here.

While I was browsing the preset library, I also came across another pre-set called Omniversal, which goes through several other frequencies that are supposed to be useful for certain things. Overall it’s a giant conglomerate of frequencies which would be good for meditation, relaxation, or stress relief. You can grab the MP3 of it here, or the Bwgen file and the .wav background here.

NOTE: If you download the Bwgen you’ll need to also download the wav and put it into the folder for bwgen, which is typically at C:\Bwgen.

From a yahoo group about Bwgen.

Box X is a method of combining 2 different voices (actually 4, thus
the “box”) and entraining the brain using binaural AND monaural
beats. Harmonic (and half-harmonic) BoxX involves focusing on a
specific frequency and multiples of it. Harmonic Box X is an
incredibly effective way to entrain the brain. So far I’ve found that
it is at least 3 times as effective for me. The deep meditation ones
I made are very fast and effortless in execution. I might upload one
to the files directory if anyone is interested.

This is a quick way to make a harmonic box X (described by James Mann
in Awakening Mind I) in bwgen.

For this demo:
Take a desired binaural beat frequency of 15 (beat)
Take an audible pitch of 500 (pitch)

Step 1) Add voice 1, assign pitch and beat as above
Step 2) Add voice 2
Step 3) For voice 2 pitch, multiply beat by 2 and subtract from
pitch. So pitch – (beat * 2) or 500 – (15 * 2) = 470
Step 4) For voice 2 beat, multiply the voice 1 beat (15) by -1, which
would make it -15

And that’s it! You got yourself a harmonic box X

The pitches are now as follows:

V1: 507.5 | 492.5
V2: 462.5 | 477.5

507.5 – 492.5 = 15
462.5 – 477.5 = -15
492.5 – 477.5 = 15 [monaural]
507.5 – 477.5 = 30 [crossover freq]
492.5 – 462.5 = 30 [crossover freq]
507.5 – 462.5 = 45 [monaural]

I’ve found this to be particularly effective with Schumman
frequencies, using 7.83 as the base. Can produce some interesting
effects to say the least.

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