This page is an ongoing project dedicated to collecting a list of the best tools for the typical lucid dreamer. I will keep adding sites that I find, but I want this to be more of a group effort, so if you know of any tools which aren’t on the list (all too likely, as of now it’s a very short list) I’d encourage you to let me know about it, using the form at the bottom of this page. I will include all of the contributors at the bottom of this page. With your help, I can build a list that will help numerous people, and hopefully will help you as well!


Brain Wave Generator A free program that uses binaural beats to induce brain waves.


Discreet Reminder A good unobtrusive program for remembering to do reality checks.
Dream Tome A dream journal site with a social focus.
Dream Views A site with lots of good information about dreaming and an active forum.


Infinity A program created to give the user lucid dreams.


Ld4all A site with good information on dreaming, as well as an extremely active forum.
Lucid Dreaming dot com A community site with an online dream journal and an emphasis on networking with other dreamers.
Lucidipedia A site which uses a wiki format, and has a great dream journal function.
Lucidity Institute A site with excerpts from books.


Saltcube’s WBTB timer. A useful timer for keeping you hovering on the borderline state of awake/asleep during a wake back to bed session.


Lucid Dreaming Wikibook A wiki book on lucid dreaming. A lot of good information.

Know of something that isn’t on this list that should be? Help contribute by letting me know about it.

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