Hello Dreaming Community! Dreaming to Infinity is back in action as of…now. I’ve got some big things I’ve been working on, among which is a lucid dreaming induction device. Think NovaDreamer. I also am working on getting www.dreamingtoinfinity.com as the url for the blog, as it should have been in the first place. The current address will stay active too. For all of those who signed up for the feed or email updates, I hope you’ll enjoy some more content. For everybody else who’s probably new, welcome!


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As the year of 2007 is coming to a close, I thought I’d jump on the blogging bandwagon and do a post about what I consider my best content in the past year. Here’s what I deem the “Best of Dreaming to Infinity” for 2007:

A Beginner’s Introduction to Lucid Dreaming
Why You Need to Learn Lucid Dreaming
Supplement Aided Lucid Dream: SALD
How to Cure Insomnia
REM Graph with Explanation
Boxed Nirvana + Spiral Sweep
Schumann Resonance + Omniversal

So if you missed any of those, I’d recommend reading those particular posts out of any on the blog. In conclusion for the year of 2007:
I would like to thank everybody who’s visited the blog in the past year, especially those who have commented and shared their unique take on dreaming, the people who have tipped me off to new cool stuff, and all the people who continue to make dreaming as interesting as it is.

Here’s to a great upcoming year.


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Hello Readers,

I just thought that since I hadn’t updated for a while, and that the old theme was getting rather old, that I would give the blog a new theme. It kind of gives it a newer feel, and maybe it will alert people to the new stuff that’s happening now. I worked on some of the other stuff around the blog, behind the scenes stuff mostly. I’ve got some provocative questions coming up soon, so I hope you’re ready to answer.

If you have any suggestions for the new theme, or something you’d like to see (I know the “featured post” thing is redundant, I’m working on that, as well as getting a more unique banner up) please let me know. Either comment or contact me.


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This is rather off the beaten path for this blog, but I’m going to write for the contest that Problogger is holding. At the same time, I really want to make it valuable to the other bloggers who read this, so I’m going to write some things I think help the everyday dreamer in blogging. If you think I’m selling out somehow by doing this, I don’t plan on doing this often or even anytime in the near future, because I value my readership (whatever size it is), but at the same time, I do have some thoughts on this subject. (In no particular order)

Tips for Keeping A Dreaming Blog On Topic, Relevant, and Interesting:

1. Keeping an online dream journal may attract some attention from people who have similar experiences, but by and large it doesn’t help anybody outside of entertainment value. Unless you somehow extract valuable lessons from your dreams or something similar, most people will lost interest quickly.

2. Use your experience to help others overcome obstacles you’ve already surpassed. This way, as you progress farther in your dream work, others can benefit from it and will continue reading.

3. Use dreams as an inspiration for your writing. Dreams are an amazing resource for innovation, and have been for many, many, years, so utilize them.

4. You can bend/break the first rule when you have a really important and insightful experience. If you just had your first lucid dream, and you really felt a great feeling of introspective power over yourself, others would probably be interested in reading about the experience. (especially if they’re still trying to get a lucid dream, it’s great inspiration)

5. Don’t lose sight of your goal, whatever it may be.

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Many thanks to Darcy from Spiritual Blog Reviews for reviewing this blog. You can read the review here.

The author of this exceptional blog is the Mad Hatter…and no, I don’t think that his altered states are caused by mercury poisoning.

Most certainly my favorite part of Darcy’s fluid and well written review.

In other news:

Sean Connelly has posted about a very interesting video from 1998 about psychic powers. A news station did a story on remote viewing and had a remote viewer describe an event from the past. She had nothing but a series of 8 numbers that were assigned to the target. Watch to decide for yourself, but I’d say she nailed it.

In other other news:
Dreamport has a new look! It’s supposed to come to the forums soon too. Awesome.

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I’m back from vacation, and I’ve got to say, a lot has gone on while I’ve been away.

Ben has been posting some killer stuff, and I found some great and very detailed techniques for WILDS over on salt cube from his site. (I’ll post more about that later).

I should have an article about Meditation and Dreaming up tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that.

I also received a Gamma Brainwave CD from Kris who runs Reality Shifter, and she has also been posting some really good dreaming tutorials. The Gamma Brainwave Experiment is about testing a high end brainwave frequency. I’ll start testing that as soon as my sleep schedule evens out. Lots coming just around the corner!


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I know this is bad etiquette, but I’m going away for a while and will not be posting. I should return in about a month. In the mean time, perhaps you could brush up on some basic lucid dreaming techniques? Maybe read about what you can use lucid dreams for once you’re lucid? Or maybe even listen to some interviews with the famous out of body researcher Robert Monroe.

If you want more things to check out, take a look at “The Best of Dreaming to Infinity

I shall return sometime around the end of July.

Good dreams everybody,


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I ran across another great blog, one which I am really impressed with. Anmolmehta deals with meditation, enlightenment, and kundalini yoga. This witty and insightful blog deals with all aspects of meditation, and the author seems to be well versed in the subject. Here is the list of articles, a very long list indeed.

I think I’ll be practicing a few of these myself. This site is the best I’ve seen on these subjects, so I hope you too put some of this great information to use.


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I have signed up for Odiogo podcasts. This nifty little feature allows you to listen to my posts, download the mp3′s of the spoken posts, and also subscribe to the feed of the mp3s. This might be useful for my longer posts, or for taking my articles with you on the go on your mp3 player. Or you might just want to listen to the posts while doing something else. Either way, I think it’s a useful feature, and it appears on all of my posts.

I hope you (my valued readers) find it useful.


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I have updated the sidebar so that you can register and log in now. If you find yourself disliking typing in your information every time you leave a comment, this is a nice way to fix that. You’ll find the register and log in under Meta on the middle of the right side bar.


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