I ran across this amazingly long list of hundreds of different frequencies. The claim is that these frequencies effect different changes in mental and physical state through light, sound, or magnetic fields. I wouldn’t trust all of these frequencies, as a lot of the sources are questionable. I would think that the frequencies associated with Robert Monroe should be authentic, as he did years of research with subjects in sensory deprivation tanks, worked with sound engineers, doctors, and many professionals throughout his life. Look for the frequencies tagged with the EWI tag. A good way to sort through this is to use ctrl-f, and then type the name you want to look for. (To check out the other tags citing sources, check out the bibliography) I have no idea what the other frequencies listed might actually do, but it seems like a great playground for experimentation. These frequencies have various methods they are supposed to be administered, so not all of them are quite as easy to use, as generating electromagnetic fields is something most people don’t have the capability to do. (Thanks to Kris for the correction about methods of use) However, it’s relatively easy to create simple brainwave entrainment programs at variable frequencies.

A good choice for creating these brainwave entrainment frequencies is of course brainwave generator.The trial version lets you create your own frequencies, just not import pre-made files. I’ve posted in the past about BWGen,and some resources about how to create your own frequencies. Another option is option is SBaGen, a free brainwave program. I prefer BWGen, but SBaGen is a solid choice as well.

If you can’t figure out how to use either program, and still want to try out a particular frequency, leave a comment and I’ll try to make something to that effect. It will take me a while to get it finished though, so you’re better off trying on your own then just asking me first. Some classics in the binaural beats/brainwave entrainment field are covered in these two posts.

Happy brainwave entraining!


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There was a big splash last month in the dreaming community, the source was a research breakthrough made by Japanese scientists. The breakthrough? Successfully reconstructing images being viewed from the eyes, using only brain activity. This has enormous implications, which have been fairly well speculated on since the breakthrough. The main conclusion from the discovery was that one day, it might be possible to actually record dreams. From Pink Tentacle:

According to the researchers, further development of the technology may soon make it possible to view other people’s dreams while they sleep.

Well alright then, throw out the dream journal and the melatonin! Excepting of course, that the development time is an estimated 10 years.The current state is a rather crude, black and white low resolution image. Another rather inhibiting factor that everybody forgets when speculating about the amazing applications of this process is that you need a MRI scanning machine to do it.

Another assumption being made about recording dreams is that they result in the same brain activity that alert, awake people experience. Whether this is true or not I am unsure, as certain parts of the brain are definitely less active during dream states then they are during awake states. Without knowing exactly which parts of the brain the scientists were using for data, it’s difficult to call this assumption true or false. It is however, important to state in the first place.

This article isn’t supposed to lower everybody’s excitement about this breakthrough. It could be the most revolutionary dreaming discoveries in the modern era, leading to all sorts of new applications to old ideas like dream analysis, learning, etc. However, sometimes it’s good to remember the “catches” involved in all this. Excitement has its place, but the likelihood of actually seeing this technology in the applications everybody is hoping for is slim., at least for a while. So flip to the next page on your dream journal, it isn’t going anywhere for a while.


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The mind enhancement program is designed to induce heightened Gamma brain activity to trigger a variety of results including but not limited to rapid development of expanded awareness, increased intuition, lucid dreaming, miscellaneous psi abilities, the achievement of higher states of consciousness, and many other fascinating possibilities.

From Reality Shifter’s introductory page about the Gamma Mind Enhancement Technology.

I have been using this technology for six nights now, and I have had some interesting and consistent results in the short term already. Here they are in list form:

Loss of feeling in hands and feet
Easier to work with energy
More vivid visualizations
Increased energy in general, the biggest boost being right after the session

I also had two one time events which may or may be related to the Gamma technology:

This is fairly minor, but it hasn’t happened again, so I can’t put it up under the first category. I had increased dream recall after the first night, probably three dreams over normal. This was most likely a fluke.

The other occurance happened when I was sitting down and staring in a relaxed manner at someone, and I saw colors around them. This reminded me of Auras, and I was able to focus and do it for a few minutes, then I was unable to continue maintaining the focus required. I’ve tried to learn to see auras before, but never really wholeheartedly. I hadn’t seen colors around people until now, so it’s most likely due to the gamma experiment, but it’s too early to be anywhere near sure.

Interesting results thus far.


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I’m back from vacation, and I’ve got to say, a lot has gone on while I’ve been away.

Ben has been posting some killer stuff, and I found some great and very detailed techniques for WILDS over on salt cube from his site. (I’ll post more about that later).

I should have an article about Meditation and Dreaming up tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that.

I also received a Gamma Brainwave CD from Kris who runs Reality Shifter, and she has also been posting some really good dreaming tutorials. The Gamma Brainwave Experiment is about testing a high end brainwave frequency. I’ll start testing that as soon as my sleep schedule evens out. Lots coming just around the corner!


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I recently became aware of a very interesting blog, Reality Shifter. She has many good articles about the same type of subject matter I typically cover, and right now she’s doing some very interesting and exciting experiments with Gamma brainwaves and their effect on a person.

“Research by the Division of Neuroscience at the University of Birmingham indicates that Gamma activity is related to perception and consciousness, as well as higher mental activity. Another research study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences demonstrated that Tibetan monks with 15 to 40 years of daily meditation practice exhibited much higher levels of Gamma activity not only while actively involved in certain forms of meditation but also while not meditating.”

I am very interested to see where this goes, as it could prove to be one of the most effective consciousness enhancing tools yet. While many of the brainwave frequencies such as alpha, beta, delta, and theta have been tested because of their appearance during sleep, the higher frequencies that represent the Gamma frequency have been relatively un-researched. This is another step to seeing what the brain is capable of doing.


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More and more often I see some more of the online mainstream finally discovering some very old news. All too often they praise it like it’s some new revelation, or like it is some miracle. Worse yet, sometimes they miss the point entirely. Case in point: Engadget recently posted about a do-it-yourself sound and light machine.

First off, Engadget takes a very strange angle on the sound and light machine and calls it a “Legal trip inducer,” which is very far from the truth. I seriously doubt, in fact I’m not even sure it is possible, that you are going to experience anything near the magnitude of an LSD trip using a simple sound and light machine. It’s a meditative aid, not some fringe drug. Engadget also seems to think that it’s dangerous when they say

“Of course, we’re still a bit hesitant to put our retinas at risk in order to legally experience hallucinations, but be sure to hit the read link for the step-by-step guide, and tap the via if you’re interested in catching a video before subjecting yourself.”

I bolded the words I found particularly ridiculous. I’m not sure if they know that you’re supposed to close your eyes during a sound and light session, but there is no risk whatsoever (assuming you’re not an epileptic, if so, then obviously this is about the last thing you want to try) unless you somehow manage to get super bright LED’s or turn up the volume ridiculously high. As if people didn’t deafen themselves other ways anyways.

I have also seen several appearances of lucid dreaming on mainstream sites like Digg, who seem to have a continuing fascination with the subject. It pops up occasionally, and half of the time the article that was submitted is from the early 90′s, or was stolen from a book in the early 90′s. Add to that the fact that the people commenting tend to have little to no clue about it, and you prove that nobody on Digg actually reads the story, or knows much about lucid dreaming.

At least more people are realizing that these socially taboo topics, which until now have languished in bleak obscurity, are “for real” and should be treated with seriousness. Even if a lot of the initial reactions are a bit ridiculous, at least there are reactions occurring.


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Ben posted a link to an article in his comment which I have seen before, but I had forgotten about until recently. The article is about a study relating to the brain’s activity during tasks. The whole point of the article can be summed up with this quote:

there are telltale signs in the brain of [their] action 1/2 second before the person realizes they’ve even made a decision.

I remember seeing this article a while ago, and the implications are still very profound. If the brain reacts before somebody actually acts, does this mean that you really don’t have free will over your actions? Does it mean that there is some form of time dilation in our perception of our thoughts and our actions? Or perhaps there there is more to the mind then the brain. All of these explanations are quite intriguing.

Some other interesting points from the article:

“There is a short window of around 1/10 of a second after an idea becomes conscious in which a person can squelch it. Otherwise, it procedes.”

“Also, when we speak, we generally are not aware of the words we are about to say, but rather have the gist in mind, and allow our unconscious to come up with the words.”

“Libet has shown that, in general, it takes about 1/2 second for information in our environment to become conscious.”

Do you have any other ideas about how this could be explained?


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I recently ran across an article about new research into sleep aids involving Transcranial magnetic stimulation This research basically involved putting a powerful magnet behind the head of the test subject and subjecting them to waves of magnetic radiation. This forces the brain to produce delta waves, which are associated with deep, regenerative sleep. An interesting effect of this machine on the test subjects was that they only needed about 2 to 3 hours of sleep, instead of the normal 7-8.

I wouldn’t want somebody strapping a magnet to my head, but this is an interesting development. The fact that the brain can be effected by magnetic waves makes you question what small amounts of magnetic radiation do. What does the magnetic field generated by that CRT monitor you’re using? How about your computer?

I’ll be interested to see what research in this direction reveals.


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I am in the process of becoming a vendor of the light and sound machines sold by MindPlace. I will be offering one Procyon, one Proteus, and one Sirius. These are all sound and light machines of varying price and complexity. Light and sounds machines use sounds like binaural beats and light patterns to help alter the user’s awareness. I will post the specific prices after I actually have the products. I will also have a Thought Stream, which comes with Mental Games. This is a machine that uses galvanic skin response (GSR) to determine stress levels etc. The games help you train your reactions. I’ll also have some audio CD’s for meditation and some accessories for the sound and light machines.

To give you an idea of how much they will cost, the sound and light machines and the GSR go anywhere from 100-270 USD. Since MindPlace already offers them for the price I am required to sell them for, I’ll thrown in some other neat stuff to give you an incentive to buy from me. Other than helping me, of course.

These sound and light machines are pretty well known, and have a very good reputation for quality and effectiveness. Please let me know if you’re interested in any of them.



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I stumbled upon this page explaining various types of methods for effecting brainwaves. Granted it’s on a site which is trying to sell you their product, so take that into consideration, but there is still lots of good brainwave info. For instance, I was unaware that there was anything beyond binaural beats as far as altering brain function. Apparently, the brain imitates almost any sound wave if given time. I find this fairly interesting, perhaps I’ll experiment with it some.


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