The mind enhancement program is designed to induce heightened Gamma brain activity to trigger a variety of results including but not limited to rapid development of expanded awareness, increased intuition, lucid dreaming, miscellaneous psi abilities, the achievement of higher states of consciousness, and many other fascinating possibilities.

From Reality Shifter’s introductory page about the Gamma Mind Enhancement Technology.

I have been using this technology for six nights now, and I have had some interesting and consistent results in the short term already. Here they are in list form:

Loss of feeling in hands and feet
Easier to work with energy
More vivid visualizations
Increased energy in general, the biggest boost being right after the session

I also had two one time events which may or may be related to the Gamma technology:

This is fairly minor, but it hasn’t happened again, so I can’t put it up under the first category. I had increased dream recall after the first night, probably three dreams over normal. This was most likely a fluke.

The other occurance happened when I was sitting down and staring in a relaxed manner at someone, and I saw colors around them. This reminded me of Auras, and I was able to focus and do it for a few minutes, then I was unable to continue maintaining the focus required. I’ve tried to learn to see auras before, but never really wholeheartedly. I hadn’t seen colors around people until now, so it’s most likely due to the gamma experiment, but it’s too early to be anywhere near sure.

Interesting results thus far.


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