I was checking the ld4all forums as I occasionally do, and I came across this exciting new technique created by Jayster. The idea is an old one, (alert yourself that you’re in a dream with outside stimulus) but the execution is a new take on things.

The exact method is still being refined and retested, but overall it shows promise. The idea is to wear a vibrating watch throughout the day and perform a reality check every time it goes off. Once you have a reflex established, it should filter into your dreams. So as you sleep, your watch goes off, and your reflex causes you to reality check in the dream. Presto chango, you’ve got a lucid dream.

Another forum member, Rarebreed, is working on creating a device specifically for this technique. It seems unclear if this will be available for purchase, but it is possible. More likely Rarebreed will post the steps he went through for anybody who wants to build one for themselves. There is also another watch on the market that already fits the description of the “lucid watch” fairly well, but it is priced at around 70 USD.

If you’re thinking that this sounds very familiar to the lucid mask project I did a while back, you’re right, it’s very similar. Here’s why I believe this has more potential for success:

This is a way to automatically associate reality checking with the stimulus. The flashing lights for the mask was something you had to ingrain separately.

An isolated vibration is a sign that you encounter rarely. I know, cell phones are a big exception, but if you wear the watch around your ankle or your wrist, you’ll come to associate it with only the sensation in that area, and how often does your left ankle vibrate? I thought so.

It’s fairly easy to fall asleep wearing. The lucid mask was abominable in this regard. Falling asleep as per the timer’s requirements, let alone staying asleep was a huge challenge. Sleeping through the night with the thing staying on your my was something I’ve only accomplished about twice out of my 30+ trials.

It’s highly customizable. You can decide how often you want it to go off, and for how long. This is important because it seems everybody has their quirks when it comes to sleep.

I’m looking forward to seeing how some other people do with this method, as well as Rarebreed’s progress in building a device. Perhaps this is a breakthrough technique, although I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to those at this point. This isn’t to say there aren’t great systems for achieving lucid dreams, (MILD and Infinity come to mind) but to say that are no simple, reliable, and easy methods for inducing lucid dreams, at least that I am aware of.

Let’s hope this is the first!


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The lucid mask is really one of the most simple yet complicated lucid dreaming aids that I have ever seen. It should be simple, just put it on and fall asleep. It manages to give me trouble, however. Falling asleep fast enough and then waking up at the right time, then falling asleep with it on and having it flash in the REM cycle is a very difficult way to use it. If I can’t get a night where I at least complete that list of steps soon, then I will just focus on Boxed Nirvana.

I must also say that Discreet Reminder going off late at night when you aren’t expecting it is quite startling.

I’ll keep plugging away at the mask, but it’s getting rather discouraging result-wise.


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Well I’ve been working with the mask some more. I’ve found a good way around the comfortability problem too. I turn the mask on when I go to sleep, and then wake up 4 hours later. I then put the mask on, and go back to sleep. I’ve done this twice now and I’ve gotten results both times. The first night I posted about here. Last night I tried it again. I woke up at the right time, put the mask on and went back to sleep. I became lucid in a dream later that night, but oddly enough, it wasn’t due to anything I can attribute to the mask. It was a simple dream sign that made me lucid. Unfortunately, I lost lucidity soon after. Because of my poor recall lately, I can now also tell you what it’s like to forget a lucid dream. This was a fairly high level lucid too.

What forgetting a lucid dream feels like: Just like a normal dream with a foggy recall. The only difference is that there is a brief instant of when I became lucid. Another oddity is that I only had that memory when I woke up, nothing else of the dreams from last night.

Admittedly, I haven’t had time to write down my dreams in the morning for a while, so I’ve lost recall accordingly. I’m going to try and do some Bwgen sessions to fix this, and I will continue testing the mask. I think these results are promising.


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The Nova Dreamer Knock-off mask is probably one of the most unpredictable things I’ve encountered in lucid dreaming. Last night I went to bed with it on, 5 hour delay, the usual. That night, I had a false lucid dream. It was very long and I remembered it very well. It almost felt like a real lucid dream. Perhaps it was just low level. There was nothing to indicate that the mask caused it, at least that I can remember. It is a rather odd coincidence though.

Another thing to note: I woke up with the mask off my face and in the spot above my bed where I normally keep it. I have no memory of taking it off.

This thing is quite the enigma.


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Here’s the latest from the front:

The original problem with the mask was the way the IC chip was installed. After I fixed that problem, I immediately finished the rest of the mask and went to sleep. This is where the progress stops.

It should be noted that becuase this is over winter break, my sleep schedule has been quite irregular compared to my usual 10-11 to 6-7 sleep cycle. I have been going to bed around 3-5 and getting up around 2-3.

First Night:
I went to sleep with the mask on, all systems go, lights blinked that I had it set correctly. I woke up with the mask behind my bed on my bookshelf. I don’t remember taking it off, so I must have done it in my sleep.

Second Night:
I went to sleep again, everything checked out. I woke up about 4 hours later with the mask still on my face, but hurting quite badly. I took it off.

Third Night:
I tried the same thing again, I woke up about 6 hours through with the same problem. I tried adjusting it but the strap slipped into the side of my eye sockets and was too uncomfortable to sleep with. I took it off.

Fourth Night:
Almost the exact same as the third night. I resolved to fix it. So I did the obvious thing and loosened the mask.

Fifth Night:
Slept through the night with it on, nothing happened. I decided to make sure it really went off after five hours. I turned it on and did other things. Five hours later I checked it, and it blinked, four times, two groups of two. Satisfied, I did not alter it in any way.

Sixth Night (Last Night):
I woke up about six hours through with the mask on, still in the correct place. I tried to go back to sleep, couldn’t. I took the mask off and stayed in bed for a while.

There have been a few recurring things I haven’t mentioned. My heater has been going insane during the time I sleep and I have woken up several times being too hot. This may be interfering with the mask. As an alternative, it could also be a recurring dream sign, as I am always too sleepy to know if I’m awake or not.

Another thing that has happened since I loosened the mask is when I wake up. I have woken up in a semi-light environment, which may also be effecting the mask, as the lights are not very noticeable when the room is light.

The third problem might be my sleep cycle. It could simply be thrown out of whack and effecting the time of my REM cycles.


1: Turn heater off.
2: Go to bed earlier or darken the room more.
3: Go to bed at the same time and wake up around the same time for a while.

I think I will probably end up simply darkening the room and making sure the heater is all the way off. I will keep you updated with any more problems that crop up and any success I may have.

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Well, I said I would let you know how that mask went, so here goes:

It has yet to work. My friend and I spent a while trying to figure out what was wrong with it, because it certainly isn’t the soldering. We quadruple checked that. At this point, its got to be the batteries or a dead component, and I am not looking forward to that particular witch hunt.

Just that small update. I do plan to get it working though.


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In MAP News:

I have been extremely busy the past week, and haven’t had much time for anything outside of school. This has shown me that not only does it require will and determination to keep up with the MAP course, it requires focus. However, I am into the trance portion of Mastering Astral Projection. I am fairly excited to see where the book will go after this, but it is very interesting right now. The various methods used to induce trance are relatively effective, and some work better than others, at least for me. Right now my favorite is the elevator method, but I may find another, there’s still about four left. I’ll post my favorite one here

In PsiPog News:

Big things are just around the corner, or at least I like to think so. One thing is for sure, and that is that the forums will be closed sometime in January. In my opinion, it couldn’t happen sooner. The forums didn’t just go downhill in quality, they fell off a cliff. It went from meaningful, intelligent debate to some spam, and then shameless advertising and general lawlessness. That’s about where we are now. My hope is that sometime after the forums close, Sean Connelly (He dropped his old name of Peebrain, so I’ll use Sean Connelly from now on) will begin his new site about out of body experiences. That’s my main focus right now, and I have fallen out of the psychic community somewhat, so this could pull me back in.

In Other News:

I’ve got a lot of stuff right on the horizon, and a lot of it about to land in my lap. MAP would be a horizon, and a current event would be the lucid dreaming mask kit I ordered. I know it’s a shortcut, I know it’s cheating, but I’m going to use the lucid dreams this gives me to induce further ones. Then I plan to wean myself off of it. And for those of you who have ever seen how much lucid dreaming masks cost, I did not buy one of the 300$ ones. I bought a cheap kit, from a blogger who threw it together himself. 300$ is ridiculous considering the technology involved is quite simple. I’ll let you know how that goes. If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, you can see how to build one, or alternatively, you can order a kit for about 30$. You have to do a little soldering, but it’s well within the means of anybody who reads a little about it on the site.

I also recently purchased the Photoreading Whole Mind System. It’s a fancy name for a system that lets you read at about 25000 words a minute, or a page a second. How do you read that quickly? You don’t actually, you just kind of turn the pages, while staring at them with your eyes unfocused. It’s not mainstream, to say the least. You go through about 5 steps total, the actual photo reading is only a small part of it. I picked up this recommendation from Steve Pavlina’s blog. I haven’t gotten far enough in the course to recommend it, but Steve certainly does. Enough to get a discount for his readers. I am not saying you should buy it, but if you do, make sure to get it there, and save yourself a hundred or so dollars.

Updates should be more forthcoming, I’ll aim for once a week, around the weekend. So check back around Saturday weekly, at the least. Not to say I won’t update more often, if something important happens or the mood strikes me.

Keep Dreaming

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