In MAP News:

I have been extremely busy the past week, and haven’t had much time for anything outside of school. This has shown me that not only does it require will and determination to keep up with the MAP course, it requires focus. However, I am into the trance portion of Mastering Astral Projection. I am fairly excited to see where the book will go after this, but it is very interesting right now. The various methods used to induce trance are relatively effective, and some work better than others, at least for me. Right now my favorite is the elevator method, but I may find another, there’s still about four left. I’ll post my favorite one here

In PsiPog News:

Big things are just around the corner, or at least I like to think so. One thing is for sure, and that is that the forums will be closed sometime in January. In my opinion, it couldn’t happen sooner. The forums didn’t just go downhill in quality, they fell off a cliff. It went from meaningful, intelligent debate to some spam, and then shameless advertising and general lawlessness. That’s about where we are now. My hope is that sometime after the forums close, Sean Connelly (He dropped his old name of Peebrain, so I’ll use Sean Connelly from now on) will begin his new site about out of body experiences. That’s my main focus right now, and I have fallen out of the psychic community somewhat, so this could pull me back in.

In Other News:

I’ve got a lot of stuff right on the horizon, and a lot of it about to land in my lap. MAP would be a horizon, and a current event would be the lucid dreaming mask kit I ordered. I know it’s a shortcut, I know it’s cheating, but I’m going to use the lucid dreams this gives me to induce further ones. Then I plan to wean myself off of it. And for those of you who have ever seen how much lucid dreaming masks cost, I did not buy one of the 300$ ones. I bought a cheap kit, from a blogger who threw it together himself. 300$ is ridiculous considering the technology involved is quite simple. I’ll let you know how that goes. If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, you can see how to build one, or alternatively, you can order a kit for about 30$. You have to do a little soldering, but it’s well within the means of anybody who reads a little about it on the site.

I also recently purchased the Photoreading Whole Mind System. It’s a fancy name for a system that lets you read at about 25000 words a minute, or a page a second. How do you read that quickly? You don’t actually, you just kind of turn the pages, while staring at them with your eyes unfocused. It’s not mainstream, to say the least. You go through about 5 steps total, the actual photo reading is only a small part of it. I picked up this recommendation from Steve Pavlina’s blog. I haven’t gotten far enough in the course to recommend it, but Steve certainly does. Enough to get a discount for his readers. I am not saying you should buy it, but if you do, make sure to get it there, and save yourself a hundred or so dollars.

Updates should be more forthcoming, I’ll aim for once a week, around the weekend. So check back around Saturday weekly, at the least. Not to say I won’t update more often, if something important happens or the mood strikes me.

Keep Dreaming

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One of the most difficult things in regard to learning from the book “Mastering Astral Projection” isn’t even really under the author’s control. My biggest obstacle is time. Finding an hour or so a night where nobody will disturb me, where I won’t lose focus or fall asleep, and resisting the temptation of just “doing practice after this activity” which is oh so familiar to many people.

Besides that minor obstacle, I have made rather fine progress, and I still continue to be impressed with the quality of the book. They provide you with everything you could ever think of to assist you with learning. Binural beats, auto-suggestion, energy stimulation, and then just plain practical exercises. There are a lot of choices you can make as well. Do you want to do the “optional” listening to brainwaves exercise? The same energy work you did last night? You can opt out of these and cut the time down, but I think that if you are serious enough to buy a book, you could find another thirty minutes. I’d rather not practice at all then rush over something.

Then again, maybe that’s why I’m skipping days left and right.

In regard to the book “Far Journeys” by Robert Monroe:

It is simply astounding. The implications and observations are very difficult to accept. Robert Monroe, in the last half of the book, meets and befriends another entity while exploring the “outer rings” as he calls them. This entity causes him to explore many things about human nature, until he eventually discovers why humanity is in existence at all. I simply cannot take Monroe at his word for something this important. Whatever the truth happens to be though, the book is quite fascinating and has many interesting tidbits in the first half that aren’t quite as hard to swallow.

I continue to work on my exercises, even if not nightly. I hope to make a more interesting report of some better progress soon.


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Hello everybody, and welcome back to the continuation of the Deluge. I’ve been busy with school over the past few days, and I’ve just now gotten time to blog again. Now, with that out of the way, onto the meat:

I recently bought several books pertaining to everybody’s favorite and controversial subject, Astral Projection. The books are:

1: Journeys Out Of The Body- Robert Monroe
2: Far Journeys- Robert Monroe
3: The Ultimate Journey- Robert Monroe
4: Astral Dynamics- Robert Bruce
5: Practical Psychic Self Defense- Robert Bruce
6: Mastering Astral Projection-Robert Bruce & Brian Mercer

I’ve read a significant portion of 2,4,5, and all of Journeys Out Of The Body. #3 has yet to arrive.

The last book is a little different from the previous 5, namely because it is a training course. It gives you all the information you need to experience Astral Projection, in tidbits along with exercises that build upon the prior exercises. I am currently on day 6, and I am following the book pretty much to the letter. I could have skipped a lot of what I’ve done, because it’s basic stuff, but for the sake of a fair judgment on the book, I’ve decided to be ridiculously strict in how I follow the instructions. Interestingly enough, the book isn’t anything new to me really, but it’s the way the information is presented that is rather new. It is easy to complete the exercises, and bit by bit you become more advanced. I am already better at physical relaxation by a significant amount, on day 6. I will try to keep you updated with weekly or bi-weekly reports on my progress and things I find particularly neat from the book. I will also post my overall opinion on this book when I finish with it.

In quasi PsiPog news:

One of the mods, Roy, has been cranking out articles for his new site, Perception Engine. This site is all about human perception. It ranges from psychology to the paranormal, so it covers a broad amount of material. There are currently five well written articles online, and more soon to come. It is certainly worth a look.

In other news:

Also, if you’ve got about 5 minutes to spare and are a fan of insane archery/ridiculously difficult feats, this link may interest you.

See you all on the other side of reality

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