The mind enhancement program is designed to induce heightened Gamma brain activity to trigger a variety of results including but not limited to rapid development of expanded awareness, increased intuition, lucid dreaming, miscellaneous psi abilities, the achievement of higher states of consciousness, and many other fascinating possibilities.

From Reality Shifter’s introductory page about the Gamma Mind Enhancement Technology.

I have been using this technology for six nights now, and I have had some interesting and consistent results in the short term already. Here they are in list form:

Loss of feeling in hands and feet
Easier to work with energy
More vivid visualizations
Increased energy in general, the biggest boost being right after the session

I also had two one time events which may or may be related to the Gamma technology:

This is fairly minor, but it hasn’t happened again, so I can’t put it up under the first category. I had increased dream recall after the first night, probably three dreams over normal. This was most likely a fluke.

The other occurance happened when I was sitting down and staring in a relaxed manner at someone, and I saw colors around them. This reminded me of Auras, and I was able to focus and do it for a few minutes, then I was unable to continue maintaining the focus required. I’ve tried to learn to see auras before, but never really wholeheartedly. I hadn’t seen colors around people until now, so it’s most likely due to the gamma experiment, but it’s too early to be anywhere near sure.

Interesting results thus far.


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Dreaming is not unlike other skills in that you must practice to get consistent results. The trick is, what do you practice?

Dreaming is kind of like Soccer…

There are some exercises which will not only avail certain short term benefits, but also offer broader benefits down the road. Let’s use soccer as an example. When you first start playing, you’ll probably notice you get tired from all that running fairly quickly. You’ll also probably notice that keeping control of the ball and running is not such an easy task as it seems. Add to this specific skills like throwing the ball in, passing down field, slide tackling, and many others, and you have a lot of work ahead of you to become an all around competent soccer player.

Perhaps you really enjoy slide tackling, and decide to practice that particular skill the most. When you go out to play, you find yourself missing a lot of slide tackling opportunities because you can’t get there fast enough. The few times you get the ball, not only can you not control it, but you can’t pass it. While the slide tackles help the team, you’re fairly worthless outside of that particular skill. The game doesn’t go so well for you, outside of the few tackles you had, mostly through luck.

Disappointed with your rather poor overall game, you decide to focus on running instead. The next time a game comes around, you not only have a good slide tackle, but you can keep up with more players, get more slide tackles in before you tire out, and outmaneuver other players, even if you do lose control of the ball occasionally. This game leaves you with a feeling of major improvement.

The lesson here is that while the specific skills might be more fun or interesting, they aren’t always the best for the overall improvement in an area. Focusing on slide tackles helps very little when you can’t even catch the ball, or control it if you manage to get it. Running gives you a little boost in many areas, even if it doesn’t leave you as skilled in any one thing. Practicing the exercise that applies to most skills is the most worthwhile.

The Most Worthwhile Dreaming Exercises

There are several catch all exercises in dreaming practices. Listed below are my favorite ones, in order of broadest reach of effect.

Willpower/Enthusiasm- I know this isn’t a technical practice, but it certainly is the most broad reaching. Being strong of will helps just about everything, as it certainly isn’t easy to get out of a warm bed at 3 AM, or sit quietly for hypnosis, or even dedicate time for practice!

Meditation- Meditation helps just about everything as well. It may have a rather minimal impact in a short period of time, but becoming more clear minded and raising your overall level of consciousness is useful in every facet of dreaming. Being able to focus on one thing is essential to avoid getting distracted in the altered states found in dreaming. I would recommend you do visualization and concentration type meditations, as found about halfway down on this page.

Dream Journaling- This practice is very important in developing dream recall, finding dream signs, raising overall level of consciousness to realize dream signs, keeping a nice coherent record of dreams, recognizing dream patterns over long periods of time, and to improve willpower. (Who wants to write a bunch of stuff down while you’re groggy?)

Reality Checks- Reality checks are great for raising overall level of consciousness, realizing you are dreaming, and improving willpower. (remembering to do reality checks is not an easy task!)

These exercises all typically lack immediate, tangible results, but if you practice them dutifully you will see marked improvement in time.

Skill Specific Exercises

These exercises are just the some of the many, many, exercises to give you lucid dreams. While I’ve been focusing on overall techniques, focusing on just getting lucid dreams isn’t a bad thing either. It just tends to leave gaps in your development. Learning to lucid dream 5 times a week is great, but if you are having low level lucids, non vivid lucids, or having trouble controlling the dream in general, then it isn’t very satisfying. Listed are some specific exercises, also listed in order of level of effect.

WBTB- Learning how to get the oh so important mix of just awake enough but not too awake is what makes the simple wake back to bed technique trickier than it appears. It is good for almost any other technique or practice however. Its effects aren’t long term though, you either have a lucid dream and/or better dream recall afterwards or you don’t. It doesn’t really benefit you past that.

MILD - MILD is one of the most comprehensive and effective techniques out there- Practiced as originally written. Most people practice the simplified version of repeating something to yourself as you fall asleep. This is good for increasing the likelihood of whatever you are affirming as you fall asleep, but only that specific thing.

WILD- Learning to WILD is a fairly specific skill, but learning to concentrate on ignoring sensations and focusing on something is also useful in the dream state itself, mostly for remaining lucid.

Hypnosis- Hypnosis is a great way to get your subconscious in line with what your conscious wants. Whether its planting a suggestion to have yourself realize when you’re dreaming or that you will remember your dreams, it can be used for almost anything, but only one thing at a time. That’s why it’s down here, you have to focus on pretty much a single thing if you want it to be effective.

Daily Affirmations- These are basically hypnosis by brute force. I wouldn’t rely solely on these, but they can help a hypnotic suggestion or to keep your willpower up. They can be used for other things too, but like hypnosis they are effectively limited to one subject at a time.


I hope you take up meditation, and that you are already keeping a dream journal. Even if you do nothing else you’ll be able to pick up any other technique in very little time with little effort. You’ll already be familiar with what your dreams are like, you’ll be able to focus and stay in an altered state of consciousness from all that meditation. It makes these techniques much easier then if you had just picked them up.

Whichever path you choose, remember that they all get the same result, the only variable is the amount of time you have to put into it.


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I ran across another great blog, one which I am really impressed with. Anmolmehta deals with meditation, enlightenment, and kundalini yoga. This witty and insightful blog deals with all aspects of meditation, and the author seems to be well versed in the subject. Here is the list of articles, a very long list indeed.

I think I’ll be practicing a few of these myself. This site is the best I’ve seen on these subjects, so I hope you too put some of this great information to use.


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I recently became aware of a very interesting blog, Reality Shifter. She has many good articles about the same type of subject matter I typically cover, and right now she’s doing some very interesting and exciting experiments with Gamma brainwaves and their effect on a person.

“Research by the Division of Neuroscience at the University of Birmingham indicates that Gamma activity is related to perception and consciousness, as well as higher mental activity. Another research study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences demonstrated that Tibetan monks with 15 to 40 years of daily meditation practice exhibited much higher levels of Gamma activity not only while actively involved in certain forms of meditation but also while not meditating.”

I am very interested to see where this goes, as it could prove to be one of the most effective consciousness enhancing tools yet. While many of the brainwave frequencies such as alpha, beta, delta, and theta have been tested because of their appearance during sleep, the higher frequencies that represent the Gamma frequency have been relatively un-researched. This is another step to seeing what the brain is capable of doing.


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I am shaman is a site dedicated to providing high quality and organic ethnobotanicals to its customers. This is a great place to get anything herbal or related, whether it be ginsing, kava kava, kratom, or my personal favorite Ginkgo Biloba. They sell leaves, tinctures (extract of the plant in grain alcohol) live plants, books, and incense components.

Those are their main offerings, but they also have a nice selection of meditation gear, including incenses. Many of the herbs they sell are also useful in aiding meditation.

If you’re interested in dreaming herbs, they also sell Calea Zacatachichi, which is famed as being one of the most powerful dreaming aids for lucid dreaming.

This is a great site, and I’m almost positive that you’ll find something there that you’ll like. Did I mention they have amazing prices?


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I am in the process of becoming a vendor of the light and sound machines sold by MindPlace. I will be offering one Procyon, one Proteus, and one Sirius. These are all sound and light machines of varying price and complexity. Light and sounds machines use sounds like binaural beats and light patterns to help alter the user’s awareness. I will post the specific prices after I actually have the products. I will also have a Thought Stream, which comes with Mental Games. This is a machine that uses galvanic skin response (GSR) to determine stress levels etc. The games help you train your reactions. I’ll also have some audio CD’s for meditation and some accessories for the sound and light machines.

To give you an idea of how much they will cost, the sound and light machines and the GSR go anywhere from 100-270 USD. Since MindPlace already offers them for the price I am required to sell them for, I’ll thrown in some other neat stuff to give you an incentive to buy from me. Other than helping me, of course.

These sound and light machines are pretty well known, and have a very good reputation for quality and effectiveness. Please let me know if you’re interested in any of them.



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I was looking over on brain wave generator’s site, and I decided to grab a preset for one of the more interesting frequencies out there, the Schumann Resonance (7.83Hz). This is close to the frequency the earth resonates at (it’s somewhere around 8 ) and it is supposed to be a good frequency to meditate to. This particular version is also constructed using the Harmonics Box technique, which is supposedly more effective then just using the normal frequency. The Harmonic Box method involves using multiple frequencies to get the same one. It’s somewhat complex. The full explanation is at the bottom of this post.
You can download an MP3 of it here, or the Bwgen file here.

While I was browsing the preset library, I also came across another pre-set called Omniversal, which goes through several other frequencies that are supposed to be useful for certain things. Overall it’s a giant conglomerate of frequencies which would be good for meditation, relaxation, or stress relief. You can grab the MP3 of it here, or the Bwgen file and the .wav background here.

NOTE: If you download the Bwgen you’ll need to also download the wav and put it into the folder for bwgen, which is typically at C:\Bwgen.

From a yahoo group about Bwgen.

Box X is a method of combining 2 different voices (actually 4, thus
the “box”) and entraining the brain using binaural AND monaural
beats. Harmonic (and half-harmonic) BoxX involves focusing on a
specific frequency and multiples of it. Harmonic Box X is an
incredibly effective way to entrain the brain. So far I’ve found that
it is at least 3 times as effective for me. The deep meditation ones
I made are very fast and effortless in execution. I might upload one
to the files directory if anyone is interested.

This is a quick way to make a harmonic box X (described by James Mann
in Awakening Mind I) in bwgen.

For this demo:
Take a desired binaural beat frequency of 15 (beat)
Take an audible pitch of 500 (pitch)

Step 1) Add voice 1, assign pitch and beat as above
Step 2) Add voice 2
Step 3) For voice 2 pitch, multiply beat by 2 and subtract from
pitch. So pitch – (beat * 2) or 500 – (15 * 2) = 470
Step 4) For voice 2 beat, multiply the voice 1 beat (15) by -1, which
would make it -15

And that’s it! You got yourself a harmonic box X

The pitches are now as follows:

V1: 507.5 | 492.5
V2: 462.5 | 477.5

507.5 – 492.5 = 15
462.5 – 477.5 = -15
492.5 – 477.5 = 15 [monaural]
507.5 – 477.5 = 30 [crossover freq]
492.5 – 462.5 = 30 [crossover freq]
507.5 – 462.5 = 45 [monaural]

I’ve found this to be particularly effective with Schumman
frequencies, using 7.83 as the base. Can produce some interesting
effects to say the least.

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Well, I’ve been idling in progress for both lucid dreaming and out of body experiences for a while now. I haven’t done anything new with lucid dreaming, I still get about one lucid dream a month, but that’s not nearly enough for me. In the realm of OBE’s I’ve actually had a little bit of a backslide.

Realizations I’ve had:

In order to succeed at lucid dreaming, there are some skills you really must have. Among these are good recall, concentration, and persistence.

You need recall just to remember normal dreams. Remembering normal dreams helps you differentiate the dream world from waking life. Even though you may confuse the two, you gain some understanding about what your dream worlds are like, what their tendencies are, and other dream signs like that. I believe that just remembering dreams and keeping a dream journal raise your chances for a spontaneous lucid dream.

Concentration is important for techniques like MILD and WILD. You have to be able to keep a sliver of your consciousness still with you as you drift to sleep in WILD, which requires you to not get lost in random thoughts. MILD also requires you to keep a single thought continuously going through your head until you fall asleep. This is quite difficult, as the mind tends to wander when it’s tired, especially when you’re falling asleep.

And to keep up with all of the odd exercises lucid dreaming demands of you, you need persistence. The will required to keep up with a daily dream journal isn’t anything to sneeze at, and doing reality checks constantly requires some strength of mind as well. Getting up in the middle of the night for wake back to bed’s definitely requires some self mastery too.

Even with my small amount of experience in OBEs, I’ve still come to realize one big thing:

The state of mind brought about by deep meditation is paramount to leaving your body. The ability to remain passive to outside sensations and to remain devoid of thought is a key skill for OBEs. In all of the times I’ve almost left my body, or in the one time I made it halfway out, I was always stopped by the same brick wall: Losing my focus and succumbing to fear. Meditation teaches you how to focus within, and keep your mind calm. The better you get at mediation, the better you get at ignoring outside interference.

These are just a few things I’ve come to realize. They ring true for me. Do you agree/disagree with these realizations and have you had any of your own? Leave a comment and let me know.

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I saw this video over at Martial Development, a Martial Arts Blog. It is a very interesting documentary about “Dynamo Jack” a healer who uses “chi” to heal his patients. People feel this as electric shocks. This video even shows him stopping a bullet with his hand. He also lights a LED with his hand. There’s no way to prove this of course, but it is very interesting. What do you think? Years of Meditation is the typical excuse for powers like this, but many false psychics use it as well. Is this reality or a hoax? Leave a comment.

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Since Bwgen has been a topic in the comments for the past few days, I thought I’d post about one of the more famous Bwgen pre-sets. Boxed Nirvana has been heralded as many things, and that’s not without reason. It is a very powerful and versatile pre-set. Note that when I say pre-set, I mean pre-defined program. It does not come with Bwgen.

Boxed Nirvana has many different frequencies going from the beginning, with a new frequency every eight minutes or so. These are mostly the “special” and “extra powerful” frequencies that have been written about in other places, like the frequency of the earth (Schumann Resonance) that’s 7.83 hz. These frequencies combined have quite the effect, and can be used for many things. It is great for WILDs, and I’ve had some rather interesting experiences with it thus far. Nothing groundbreaking, but definitely strange. This pre-set is also used in out of body experiences, specifically in training for leaving the body. I have included an mp3 version that you can simply use here. I also have the Brain Wave Generator file here. Note that you can only import Bwgen files if you have the full version of Bwgen.

While we’re on the topic of my favorite mp3′s, I’d like to mention a favorite back from my PsiPog days. The spiral sweep is a very good way of feeling your own energies, as well as improving their flow. It’s easy to follow along with, and is very effective. It is simply a visualization for about thirty minutes, which guides you in controlling your energies. You can download it here.

I am still trying to get out of body with the help of Boxed Nirvana, and so far I am impressed with what I’ve been able to do with it. I think that with more practice, I could easily get out of body with it. However, I’ve started to run into a wall with this. I’ve gotten to the vibrations a few times now, and I have trouble keeping my mind silent. Looks like I’ll have to do some more meditation.

I hope you find these mp3s useful.

In case you missed them earlier:
Boxed Nirvana MP3
Boxed Nirvana Bwgen Preset
Spiral Sweep Meditation


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