I found another interview with Robert Monroe.This interview is with about OBEs and is very in depth, about an hour and a half. This interview took place about a year before he died. (October 30, 1915-March 17, 1995)

In this interview he explains his very first experiences with OBEs, including the Monroe Institute, out of body research, and related topics.
Here is the other interview with Robert Monroe.


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Today I’m bringing you a conversation with Robert Monroe, a famous out of body researcher. Founder of the Monroe Institute, he furthered OBE research in America and brought a lot more attention to the subject. He began having spontaneous out of body experiences in the early part of his life. From that point on, he was fascinated and worked to find out what these experiences were and what they meant.

This interview talks about his work with “Hemi-Sync,” a program he developed using binaural beats to synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain. It’s very long (over two hours), so you might want to download it for later.

Here is the other interview with Monroe.


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